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Lynn Vega-BTS

Photo @IamIvanxxx

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to meet Lynn Vega(@Lynnvegaxxx) on set of a girl-girl content shoot. She is a tiny little thing who entered the adult industry as a webcam model in 2013. With a BA in early childhood education the adult industry is not somewhere I would expect to find her.

At the 2015 AE Expo in Las Vegas, Lynn Vega was discovered. Out of the thousands of beautiful women walking the convention floors of the Hard Rock Hotel, she was picked out of the crowds by Girlfriend Films(@GF_Films) to do a girl-girl scene. The next month, Lynn Vega made her way to Los Angeles to do her first girl-girl scene and her entrance into the adult film industry was made. This is the most graceful entrance I have heard. Especially because after Lynn did her first scene she took a six month break from shooting to see if adult films were really for her.

“​​It​ ​came​ ​down​ ​to​ ​being​ ​comfortable​ ​and​ ​confident​,.” ~Lynn Vega

Now two years later Lynn has established herself in the adult industry and continues to search for her niche. Although, she did mention how her Skype dates and custom videos keep her pretty busy. Lynn pushes the boundaries on being a virtual girlfriend. She had me blushing with her creativity and use of technology.

Check out her website and taste a little of what she has to offer.

I look forward to watching her grow within the adult industry.




Leya Falcon & Jayden Cole-BTS in Las Vegas


@LeyaFalcon & @Jaydencole

On a Thursday afternoon I made my way to a girl-girl content shoot here in Las Vegas. Rarely do I get the luxury of interacting with the people I write about in person, days like this are the fun exceptions to the rule of my normal writing life. However unproductive and shocking it sounds, I get the best interviews when I go behind the scenes. Does it make my insides uncomfortable? Yes! However, it is not because I do not appreciate their art. They are just people and I do not want to sexualize them. My job is merely to report the facts. Clear boundaries in any career in the adult industry are a vital must. So I packed up my boundaries and computer and made my way to meet some amazing ladies.

Leya Falcon has been nominated for 2 Urban X awards this year: Best Female Website and Best Female Interracial Star. She is funny and confident with a side of sass. Not all people take pride in the work they create within the adult industry, but Leya is a ball of creativity(no pun intended).

Support your local artist and vote for Leyla Falcon.

Jayden Cole is a woman who is hard to keep up with, but she will be hosting the upcoming Exotic Dancer awards here in Las Vegas in August. Connect with her and keep up with her travels and adventures on Instagram @JaydenCole5.

UpComing Feature Dancer Tour Schedule

  • Aug 3-5 “Dreamgirls” in Seattle, WA
  • Aug 11 & 12 “The Furnace” in Birmingham, AL
  • Sept 22 “Playhouse” Hickory, NC
  • Sept 23 “Cheetahs” Greensboro, NC
  • Oct 6 & 7 “Vanity” Columbus, OH




Filming At The Palms-BTS


What do you do on a Thursday night in Las Vegas? Well… if you are an adult industry journalist on a magazine deadline, then you go sit on set at a content shoot. What better way to procrastinate when on a writing deadline than to find more fun people in the adult industry to write about!

Leya Falcon has been in the adult industry for most of her adult life. She started with webcam and stripping, and now graduated onto a “professional princess”. Leya was just finishing removing gummy worms from her bum when I arrived and she greeted me with a kind smile. I love the adult industry.

Home is where the heart is!


ZiFi(aka Chair girl)


Find the gummy worms—> Click Here

Jenna Haze-Exxxotica Denver

Jenna Haze Exxxotica Denver

While on the flight descending upon Denver a few days prior to the beginning of Exxxotica, I started to think about what to expect. You see, once you’ve experienced the Exxxotica Expo over a handful of times you kind of have an idea. You have your givens and the regulars. Whether it’s the talent, the vendors, the production companies, the fetish toys etc. However, I saw someone that I didn’t expect to see. Someone who had retired six years ago.

I met her for the first time about eight years back at Exxxotica Miami Beach while she was at the height of her popularity. I am talking of course about Jenna Haze. So, as I approached her booth at the Bad Dragon section of the convention center, I wasn’t quite sure if my eyes were playing tricks on me or it was another starlet that happened to resemble her. Once the sea of people cleared & I was able to catch a closer glimpse at the name on her table my suspicions were confirmed. I began to engage her in an indepth conversation that spanned through her entire career. She told me that this is her “farewell tour” as she described it. The final chance to say goodbye to her fans.

There was a certain air of wisdom to her words. She has been through a lot during her time in the industry & you can definitely tell she was more than willing to divulge her knowledge onto others. You know the “Do’s & Don’t’s”, the “pros & cons” the learning curve “ups & downs” & the insight that she wished she had then but cherishes now. On her table she had pictures & DVDs that she was prepared to sign for her loyal fans. The DVDs were most certainly dated. I could tell by the talent on the covers. Some of them were from yesteryear and were also retired. Some would say this collection of assorted DVDs will soon be considered vintage.

There was a nostalgic, slight melancholy vibe to our conversation but I welcomed it. Enthusiasts such as I of the adult industry can really appreciate moments like these. Hopefully the fans in the upcoming cities can see her one last time. I’m sure the real hardcore fans will make the pilgrimage to the venues to say a final goodbye. Thank you Jenna Haze for the memories. You have left your mark and it is a beautiful thing to behold.

Enrique Arellano


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