AVN Awards 2015

Going Home In Oregon

After coming home from Las Vegas and the AVN Expo, Portland has felt so very small. The feeling of wanting to run had been flowing through my veins. On Sunday, I had to escape to Eugene if I was going to retain any of my sanity. When I am in Oregon and surrounded by small minded people I want to at least be near my family. There is something large to be said for the human factor in the equation of life. Especially after surviving the adult industry for years its importance is multiplied.

So long story short, I am back in front of my computer to catch up for a bit on my blog. My magazine column(Strip Club Journals Unbound) is finished for March. And I am Las Vegas bound this weekend for photos and fun.

May we all manifest our dreams!



“If art is to nourish the roots of our culture, society must set the artist free to follow his vision wherever it takes him.” ~John F. Kennedy


AVN 2015 Las Vegas
AVN 2015 Las Vegas

Strip Club Journals Unbound #AVN2015

Sara Jay @SaraJayXXX and Zi-Fi @ZiFiStripClub
Sara Jay @SaraJayXXX and Zi-Fi @ZiFiStripClub

Being career minded is a key factor which separates individuals who succeed in the adult industry from the individuals who allow themselves to be used by the industry. The AVN Expo 2015, in Vegas, was a perfect example of this key factor. It was an extremely pleasant way to network and weed out individuals who use the industry as a way to get by. Rather than as a stepping stone to something greater. Being surrounded by so much active talent within the adult industry was a high I had never before experienced. The creativity and wisdom flowed through the convention unapologetically. If one is brave enough in their career to go against the grain, they are more likely to be open and understanding of others. Nothing like being judged for what you do, rather than who you are, to bring us all together.

The talent was not limited to the adult actors and models. It was shocking how much creative talent goes into the adult industry. Meeting radio, television, photography, and other media talent involved in covering the AVN Expo for the rest of the world to enjoy, made me realize the extreme fascination mainstream society has with the adult industry. Therefore, the work everyone in the adult industry puts forth is for the entertainment and enjoyment of others. This is another commonality that brings Everyone in the adult industry together. We all aim to please!

My AVN Expo adventure started on Wednesday night. The Expo had started Wednesday morning, but I had no real agenda other than to have fun and get writing material. Well, I never expected and could not have planed for a better all around experience. Within an hour of arriving Kevin Wilsonville Murphy(DJ at Treasures Las Vegas) informed me there was another DJ arriving late from Florida who I needed to meet, because he is the host of his own radio show, Adventures of the Mayor( This is how networking in the adult industry works, it is not really something to be planned, it just happens when you place yourself in the right places and with the right people.
When I met Enrique Arellano(DJ at Solid Gold Fort Lauderdale and host of the radio show Adventures Of The Mayor), I had found my new best industry friend. He lives on the east coast. I live on the west coast. He does a radio show. I write a magazine column and blog. We differ enough in our media and location, yet still have the adult industry as our common focus. Teaming up to cover the AVN Expo only made sense because we were able to get into more places, talk to more people, and therefore get more material. In laughter we joked that we were tag teaming people.
I smiled and laughed more than I had in a long time at the AVN Expo. Everyone was just happy to be there and be apart of the adult industry. The fans there were quite invested to say the least! After trying to interview a couple of fans, I had to give up. My second fan interview was a man from Panama who barely spoke English. Do not be fooled the adult industry is the most popular taboo industry out there!
Interacting with so many different people was amazingly overwhelming in the best way possible. I have never felt so blessed to be apart of something most people will never understand, because I was surrounded by people who did understand and get it. What a priceless feeling! Is this what “normal” people feel like everyday?
After interviewing countless porn stars, fetish models, cam girls, and adult toy creators/inventors, I have so many people to thank. However, let me just leave you with a few moments that made my experience top-notch.
Cali Carter(@CaliCarterXXX) was the largest surprise. She is young, but  an ambitious and intelligent woman. Everyday I was at the Expo, I saw her running from booth to booth to greet more people. Plus, she looked amazing doing it!
Sara Jay(@SaraJayXXX) is a veteran in the adult industry and still was a kind business minded woman. She has a vibe about her that is just comforting. Sara Jay reminded me of the supportive veteran strippers from when I first started stripping. Check out her website
Kayla Jane Danger(@KJDangerDoll) was my most natural interview. She has a way of making others feel at ease with laughter, but mixes in wisdom. I leave you with a quote from her that exudes her amazingly adamant personality disguised by her beautiful petite body.

“Our sex is safer than your sex, over 80% of the time. So, stop trying to tell us what to do and how to have sex. We are protected, we are careful, and we do a better job of it than you do.” ~Kayla Jane Danger

The AVN Expo was a great reminder of all the positive opportunities within the adult industry.

Zi-Fi (@ZiFiStripClub)
A special thank you to Chris Meggs(@meggs_chris) and for being in two places at once!
Plus stay tuned to the radio show Adventure Of The Mayor(@EAFLOWS) and my segment Z’s are the Facts with Zi-Fi!
And last, but far from least, when in Vegas be sure to visit DJ Kevin Wilsonville Murphy at Treasures Gentlemen’s Club(

Adventures Of The Mayor #AVNStyle

Adventures Of The Mayor
Adventures Of The Mayor

I arrived in Vegas for the AVN Expo on Wednesday night after the madness had already began. Normally I arrive in Vegas, get my rental car, and get to my home away from home only to go grocery shopping. However, this trip my roommate informed me there were others getting in for the Expo late who I would be interested in meeting. It had been months since I had been in Vegas(which is a long time), so I was ready to adventure and meet more adult industry people. Networking within the adult industry is half the amazing part of Vegas. I love people and sun and hate judgment. Vegas fits my phase of transition perfectly still, but I am unsure if it will always feel like home away from home. If the past few years say anything about the future, Vegas will be apart of my life for a while to come.

Back to my arrival to Vegas for the AVN Expo and meeting new industry people. The adult industry is like a grab bag of different kinds of people. There are those who use the adult industry as a stepping stone and there are the others who use it as a way to make quick money. The amazing thing about the AVN Expo is it weeded out most of the adult industry workers who use the industry as a way to make fast money. Conventions are for career minded individuals who wish to become more successful. Only a couple of the younger girls in the industry, who I interviewed, seemed to be unknowly used by the industry, rather than using the industry themselves.

So once again back to my point. When I am told I need to meet someone within in the adult industry I never know what to expect. I prefer to associate with people who are using the industry as a stepping stone to follow their dreams and passions, which they turn into realities. These people are the rare few, but the AVN Expo is a great place to find them. I was introduced to Enrique Arellano, a DJ at Solid Gold  Fort Lauderdale and Host of the radio show, “Adventures Of The Mayor.” Can I just say I met my new best friend, just like off the movie “Step Brothers.” After a few hours at the Expo working together, we covered what we would have each covered in a day. So obviously this was going to be an amazing opportunity to maximize exposure and material from our trip to the Expo. After realizing how much we can get done together, I also realized how I have a way of putting people at ease and he has another. This makes total sense if you really think about it. I am a former stripper and he is a fixture as a DJ at a strip club, Solid Gold Fort Lauderdale . Plus, he is based in Florida and I am based in Portland(currently).

A new endeavor which is limitless and apart of the industry I still have yet to explore, game on!

Adventure with us through the adult industry and listen to Adventures Of The Mayor.

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best friends yes

Did We Just Become Best Friends?!?


Create-a-Mate: AVN Expo 2015

imageCreate-a-Mate was one of the very first booths I experienced at the AVN Expo/Convention in Las Vegas. The sign and the name are enough to draw anyone in for a closer look, especially when there is casting material on the table in front of the booth. Curiosity gets the best of us all, even at an adult industry convention.

At first I just thought it was another dildo company, because I was surrounded by a convention full of sex toys. However after speaking to the owner, Andrew, my opinion was quickly changed. He is from New York, which is where his company is based(since 1996). It hit me that he was a real person with a kind heart when one of the first things he shared was the fact that he gives a 50% military discount to all military people. This allows their significant others to have a dildo that is shaped like them while they are away and/or deployed. This is something I never contemplated before, but what a great way to help the military people out in their love lives.

Andrew was kind enough to give myself and my new partner in crime(Adventures Of The Mayor) both a kit to try. So this will not be the last post about Create-a-Mate!

A Huge thank you to Andrew for being such a kind, down to earth person.




P.S. Create-a-Mate will have new products coming out soon after the AVNs!




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