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Strip Club Journals Unbound-Back To School

Back to school time means so many different things for strip clubs. The first thing I think of when I think of back to school and stripping is college football! Who does not like to go out to a strip club after a football game. Also, thoughts of more customers in the clubs(after summer activities hault) and less competition due to some of the strippers going bak to school. Logistics can be in a strippers favor to not pursue continuing her education.

Yes, many strippers attend school and work at the same time. However, the two are a very difficult balancing act. They are on opposite ends of the spectrum of life. Men rarely go to a strip club to have an intelligent conversation. Therefore, schooling is almost a hindrance for strippers. No customer desires to feel inferior to someone they are paying to get naked on their lap.

Intelligence, therefore, becomes something that must be masked rather than celebrated while working in a strip club. This may sound like a simple task, but it is one of the most difficult barriers I have ever experienced. Learning to just nod, smile and bit my tongue when there are so many thoughts and opinions going through my head is beyond a challenge. The more intelligent one becomes the more difficult this task gets. Perhaps, this is why I have met very few strippers who have finished college while stripping.

By catering to strip club customers need to feel better about themselves, strippers become stigmatized as unintelligent. When in reality it takes a very intelligent person to play dumb well and believably. I randomly asked a business man at a hotel bar in Portland(which has more strip club per capita then Las Vegas) what he thought of strippers and back to school. His answer was simple yet surprising. He had never thought of the two together before. This speaks volumes about society’s perception of strippers.

Many professions involve marketing, public relations and sales, just as stripping. People who are not apart of the adult industry rarely think about all the sacrifice and commitment it takes to succeed in the adult industry. Success in any industry takes talent and intelligence. How can people be so shallow to think sucess in the adult industry is any different?

Education in the adult industry rarely comes from a book, but rather from experience.


Strip Club Journals Unbound-The Big Picture

images (1)The big picture is something that is greatly overlooked in the adult industry. Customers rarely see past the lap dance, champagne room, and the fantasy. The dancers rarely see past the money.

With all this clouded vision I asked entertainers (who have been in the industry five or more years), “How has the industry changed you/your life?” Dancers were reluctant to reply with feedback to this question, which is odd. Normally, feedback is not something I have to seek out too much. In this case though, perhaps dancers were reluctant to think about the issue and then share their realizations about their own lives.

Seeing past the money hurts, just as the fantasy loses its glitz and glamor when it becomes real.There was one commonality in every single response I received. This did surprise me. The extent of the effects of this issue is large in my life, but I never realized I was in such good company. The issue is simple, yet complex all at the same time. “Dating is hard,” stated bluntly by a dancer. I learned this after the first year or two I was in the industry. It takes a strong man to trust a dancer and understand it is just a job, a means to an end. This makes many men feel threatened and/or insecure, which is something that just is what it is.

We cannot change society and society does not paint a pretty picture of strippers.”People already think that strippers are whores, junkies, and drunks. So they look down on you. However, You don’t have to be a stripper to be a whore, drunk, or a junkie.” This was a great quote from another response I received. If we live in a society that judges strippers poorly, then it is logical that most people in the society will follow suit and judge strippers poorly too. Thus, men in relationships with strippers will judge them as well. This is pure logic, but it does not mean it hurts one’s heart any less!

The adult industry also changes what dancers value emotionally. “Now, it’s the emotional connection that I crave,” put gracefully by a dancer who made me feel at ease when I first started in the industry. After experiencing all the sexuality and seeing how much people value sex(rather than intimacy) in our society, being valued as an individual becomes extremely important. Dancers want to know that we are valued for more than just how we look. We know how to attract attention, but when we get attention without trying is when we truly value it the most. The adult industry is all about appearances and catering.

Well, if the adult industry caters to American society, then why would society look down upon the adult industry workers? We are the ones who make their fantasies closer to reality then they ever could on their own. Why do people look down upon women who empower themselves with their own sexuality? These women are brave to embrace their own sexuality as a strength rather than a weakness.

Society may be over sexed, but dancers working in the industry as a career see past the sex that society craves. Sex is a drug. Everyone has a different quitting point and some people never stop. Intimacy and emotional connection are the true goals in relationships. Sex can be amazing when you allow yourself to be vulnerable, rather than just using another person to fulfill your mamalistic desires/human needs. This is something that every dancer knows who has given a dance on an afternoon shift to an older successful man who was already emotionally dead before 50 years old.


More Hours In The Strip Club

Working more hours and days has been a big change. I worked four nights/days in Salem last week. This allows me to work towards my goals that will lead to palm trees by Xmas! Knowing when to say when as far as leaving work after making money has been my down fall this past week. I could have spent more than ten hours not at work this week alone, if I would have just learned to know when to give up. But there are always the maybe’s and would have’s in the back of my mind when I leave early.

It only takes one customer to make my night, catching three or four is even better!



“Nothing will work unless you do.”
~Maya Angelou

Dollars and Sense

When I think of whether to dance in Pdx or Salem many things are apart of my thought process. Some of the black and white logistic are the fees associated with dancing at a club. These fees vary from club to club, which makes it an equation. Not only do you have to predict how much money you will make in a night, but how you will make it and what’s your game plan to come home with the most money. The amount of money I make in a night and the amount of money I actually take home are two different stories!


  • No house fee
  • Mandatory tip outs
  • Bouncers $20
  • Dj $10
  • Vip Host 10% of your private dance total after club fees
  • 3 dances for $100-$30 goes toward club and $70 towards dancer
  • 1 Dance $25-$5 goes to club and $20 to dancer
  • half hour $250-$50 goes to club and $200 to dancer
  • They accept credit cards, but it takes three days for the money to clear and it is difficult to pick up.
  • Longer shifts and no leaving club till 3am
  • More customers, but more dancers(aka competition)



  • $20 house fee(pay five get sixth free)
  • Mandatory tip outs
  • Dj $10
  • Bouncers $10
  • 1 Dance $20 on floor-no fee
  • 1 Dance in vip $40-$5 goes to club $35 to dancer
  • No 3 for $100
  • half hour in vip $150-$25 goes to club and $125 to dancer
  • They accept credit cards and give out club dollars which they exchange for cash at the end of the night.
  • Very flexible schedule
  • Fewer customers, but fewer dancers


It is up to the odds and the gods!



Familiar Faces & Places

Wednesday a girlfriend and I worked in Salem. It was fun to travel with a partner in crime again. We have danced and done photo shoots together over the years, so there were no surprises. It was just comfortable. Traveling with someone else is always an adventure!

We discovered a small sports bar in Albany on the way home. This is a perfect example of something I would have never experienced traveling on my own.

Life is about the journey!


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