Jesus Loves Porn Stars


The product I enjoyed the most out of my Strip Club Journals care package was “Jesus Loves Porn Stars”. I felt like I could really relate to this little book, being in the performance industry. I am a dancer in the Portland, Oregon and there still are very judgmental people in this area. In my opinion, we should all be treated equal and stick together no matter what your job or occupation is. In this tiny book, it expresses the bible in a different ways and outlooks than the typical person would we read in a typical church. It opens up our eyes to a new era of people and the society we live in.

In a world with so many stereotypes about cultures and industries we work in, the performance industry can feel left out at times. We all suffer and go thru hard times, but this little book reassures me there is always hope and guidance somewhere out there to be found. I really liked how it had mini stories throughout the book about real life people: escorts, porn stars and even Ron Jeremy at the end.

Leaders in the church community before have personally tried to make me feel bad about what I do, but this book helps overcome that fear of judgmental people. The stories in “Jesus Loves Porn Stars” are uplifting and I would highly recommend this book to a friend or coworker.



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ED Awards-Janine Jericho International Showgirl Of The Year

It is that time of year again! The Gentleman’s Club Expo is coming to Las Vegas and so are the Exotic Dancer Awards. As the summer heats up in the desert, we wait anxiously to see the outcome of the next week of voting.

Janine Jericho is up for International Showgirl Of The Year. I have to kindly ask all my readers to vote for Janine Jericho. She is an amazing woman who inspires so many people within the adult industry.

>>Click Here To Vote<<<

Thank you all for your kindness and support.




Strip Club Journals Sponsors Janine Jericho


I am proud to announce Strip Club Journals is now sponsoring Janine Jericho. She will be at EDI West in Denver June 23-25 and the Gentlemen’s Club Expo in August in Las Vegas.

Janine has many other tour dates between now and August so make sure and check out her tour calendar on her website. This international feature entertainer is someone I am happy to add to the Strip Club Journals network.

Welcome and follow her at:
Twitter @JanineJericho

Instagram @JanineJericho

Only a few know what it is like to travel the world as an entertainer, Janine Jericho is one of those few.




ED Awards-DJ of the Year

Vote Binger for ED Awards DJ of the Year

The ED Awards will be held August 28-30 in Las Vegas, Nevada. However, the voting taking place now is setting the tone for the awards ceremony to come.

Vote Here

Annually, the ED Awards celebrate the best of the best of the strip club industry. This is a rare opportunity to network and socialize with people within the strip club industry. These are the people who can relate to our lives and careers. Relating to others about what is ordinary to us, but yet is always extraordinary to everyone else.
Anthony “Binger” Bellao has been a strip club DJ for about 20 years. He started at one of the very first Pure Gold clubs and has spent the last nine years at The Penthouse Club in The French Quarter of New Orleans.
Binger is just one of 10 DJs nominated for DJ of the Year. However, his skill and consistent presence in the strip club industry set him apart from the rest. Binger may be the self-proclaimed ringleader for a reason!
Vote Binger for DJ of the Year Here
“Get on there and vote for all of the categories. Especially the ones that have Penthouse Club listed, like best club chain of the year.” ~Binger

My New Book: A Decade On A Pole


I am happy to announce my second book now is available on Amazon and iTunes! #ADecadeOnAPole



This book is dear to my heart. My magazine columns, journals, and tips on how to survive the adult industry are all included. I hope this book makes a great ripple effect in some peoples lives and careers.



Special thank you to Robert Bryant​ for being an amazingly patient book editor.
Mitchell Murphy​ and Heath Stillwell​ thank you for years of being amazing magazine editors and putting up with my kind of crazy!

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