11 Tips For Going No Contact With A Narcissist

Going “No Contact” with a narcissist is a difficult and sometimes an extreme endeavor. However, it is necessary to heal and recover. Sometimes this means leaving your whole family and/or social circle in your past. This is one of the most difficult steps, but your efforts will be rewarded with personal growth. It is better to be alone than continue to be abused and brainwashed.

Here are some steps to make going “No Contact” a little more manageable:

  1. When “No Contact” is not an option use the “Grey Rock” method.
  2. Block your narcissist on All social media sites and your email.
  3. Remove triggering photos, gifts, and other reminders in your physical environment.
  4. Cut contact with all the narcissist’s friends, in order to avoid flying monkeys and the smear campaign.
  5. Use self-care to distract yourself and keep motivated to stay “No Contact”.
  6. This is an addiction, be kind to yourself if you relapse and continue “No Contact”.
  7. Practise mindfulness.
  8. Find a narcissistic abuse community online to get support.
  9. Make a list of the awful things the narcissist did to you. Read this list when you want to break “No Contact”.
  10. “No Contact” is a time for healing and redefining yourself, be kind to yourself and practise self-love.
  11. This is one of the first steps to recovering, celebrate your new beginning.



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