Month: March 2012

A Vacation In Normalcy

After the first couple days of being a bum, with my hair up or a hat on and oversized sweats. It was time to be normal again. Which is a rare treat in town.

Yesterday, I took a shower when I woke up getting ready for my day like an average person does. I put on jeans and a sweater in an effort to blend in, yet still look nice and feel good.

My cousin(aka soulmate) was sick. So, after I finished going to the club to pay my house/stage fees for the week(yes dancers pay to work and have mandatory tip outs as well). I went to 711 so I could buy a soda for my sick cousin(Blair street location).

The guy behind the counter working with stretched ears asked, “How do you wipe your Ass with those nails?” Without even a how are you, he continued by pretending to wipe his own ass. At the club I am used to putting up with rude boys. This caught me off guard in my civilian attire and attitude.

I called to complain. The owner’s solution was to call and inform me that he was only written up. Her reasoning was he has worked there for awhile and has children to support.

Well, if this 711 worker has children and has worked there awhile that Should make him more accountable for his actions, not less. Also, happy to have a job in this economy in Oregon.

I wonder how many other people he has tried to chopdown to make himself feel better during his career at 711?

The Blair street area is where most do not have the means or knowledge to use bluetooth and call the corporate office as they drive off. Therefore, I stood up for myself and the others who remain silent!


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American Idol Contestant

Last week at the club, I met a young college aged customer that said he was on American Idol. However, he did not make it to the finals. He was/seemed insulted when I told him that I do not watch television, so I would just take his word for it. But with his insulted reaction written all over his blank face, I could tell this blonde, short, chubby boy was telling the truth. He asked what I did that was more important then watch TV. I thought that was a classic line/question. It was a slow week night when I first met him, so I played along longer then usual.

On Saturday night, he returned once again. Towards the end of the night he was sitting at my stage and in an effort to make money and be nice I was talking to him while on stage. He put a dollar bill in his mouth, which is common, unhealthy but common. Instinct kicked in and I took the dollar bill out of  his mouth as I informed him he could get Hepatitis from this practice. His little man ego response was to insult me and say that he would get Hepatitis from me and not the dollar bill.
The young customers are always the interesting ones! Especially, the young ones who have just started chasing their dreams only to experience rejection for the first time in their life. Or when they have no experience, knowledge, wisdom, and/or success in the “Real world.”
A new emotional void for them to fulfill!

P.S. When I asked about his experience as a whole and what he learned from it he replied, as if rehearsed, “No publicity is bad publicity in show business.”

“A good book has no ending.”
~R.D. Cumming

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Lesson Of The Day

Lesson Of The Day:

Racial profiling is illegal, but stereotyping is not.

Society will always judge dancers poorly! However, because it is a choice and not something one is born with, it remains legal to have this stereotype.

I do not get to be an individual to society merely due to my job/livelihood. I am viewed as a stripper, who has yet to finish her BA(aka formal institutionalized/higher education). I do not have to accept this.

Ironic how standing up for individuality costs more freedoms and comes with more financial costs. This is not the path of least resistance. Therefore, society will make it an uphill battle.

Heard mentality at its finest!


P.S. The three things that made me question my Attorney:
  1. She left me a voicemail saying, “I do not know.” Never something good to come out of an attorneys mouth!
  2. She was fascinated by my long nails and took time out of our meeting to ask about them, rather then spend as much time as possible talking about my case.
  3. It is not in her best interest to help me prove myself not guilty, because she too is a government employee. Therefore, getting me with something is better then nothing, for her job security.
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Spring Break

I made it through the beyond slow week finally! Five days away from the club is my birthday gift to myself . I have no clue what I will do, but I am done being part of the overworked and under appreciated at the club. I put my shine on this weekend and I have put my time in at this new club. It was time to cash in on my shine.

The two questions that made me aware I did my job well enough to make the other dancers think…

Friday night, as I walked into the dressing room at the end of the night a girl asked me, “How did you keep that customer in the Vip so long without getting naked?” All the other girls in the dressing room perked their ears up in hope that I would spill my guts, so I just coyly smiled and said nothing. Why would I want to help them at all with the knowledge and wisdom it took me years of work to acquire?

Especially when I know they are forced to be nice, at least to my face. And they have not made my transition easy. Of course, there are a few exceptions I can count on one hand. Those girls who are nice/kind I have shared some knowledge and wisdom with to make their career easier. My positive ripple effect!

Saturday night, as I walked into the dressing room to start my night, a girl asked another dancer if she thought it was appropriate for other girls to ask her regulars for dances. She has not said anything directly to me, passive aggressive is the way of being there, but I know she was referring to the regular customer that I entertain when she is busy giving dances to other customers. With that question she was basically asking for reassurance that her time is worth more then my own, because she has worked at this club longer and known this customer longer.

If a dancer knew how to manage her time appropriately with regular customers this would not happen.


P.S. I also learned that the girls prefer to bite their noses to spit their faces. I asked the manager to be informed on proper etiquette for taking a customer to the Vip  room from the stage, after my set. Shockingly, I found out the girls at this club do no appreciate it when I tell a guy to wait at the stage for me, while I get dressed and situated. This would enable the customer to tip them while I prepared. Apparently this is frowned upon. I was shocked!

Whoever knew making others a few more dollars would be rude?

Mind blowing Right!

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A Typical Arrogant SD From Texas

Arrogant- making claims or pretensions to superior importance or rights; overbearingly assuming; insolently proud: an arrogant public official.

Thank You

This is the SD that told me yesterday that he does not buy friends when I told him my travel requirements. Yet, he found me on a SD site online because his work does not allow him to get out much. Between his text messages today and yesterday he proved very well he does not get out much! Somehow he thinks he knows it all because he works at a hospital in an emergency room.

“…Can do without street smarts. Treated them and known players all my career girl since you were in diapers 30yrs of ER makes for lots of hussle. No newbie there.”
~Text from him today

I thought after I told him I do not look for friends online, let alone on a SD website, he would have gotten the point but no. He tried to wiggle his way into my life again today. Interesting how many lonely successful men there are out there, who forgot they have a Mother and/or are emotionally stunted!

Why look for a free younger woman friend on a SD site? That is the biggest male hussle of all on SD websites and in strip clubs.

Also, when I informed him I work in the entertainment industry his response was, “Good term for the oldest profession…”

Wow, he is searching for a friend who is younger and beautiful. Then he can have his own woman to put down, so in turn he feels better about himself and his life.

What a true “Friend”!?!


I thought we ended our communication yesterday?
(See Sugar Time)

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