Month: April 2012

Fantasy Land

Dancers have to take days off from the club and the whole strip club industry/scene. We need to reconnect with our own personal realities. It is just plain necessary for sanity purposes. In the clubs we live in such a fake reality/fantasy land
The majority of strip club customers just visit. Most of the time it is a party to them. We work there, so it is not a party to us. People do not understand that dancing is a very emotionally and physically draining job.  We manipulate men and spin from a pole, in stilettos, naked.
Playing mental and emotional chess with drunken customers is an art form. But then, on the other hand, being a good performer on stage is also an art form. Then there is the looks part. It is important to look healthy! The better a dancer looks the more money she will make. So it means giving up cookies at times. This is just  like any other industry, be the best. Therefore, it becomes a mixture of the many variables. One of the most interesting things I have ever done. Plus, I like to win!
Not many people can have two different personalities and not be crazy…
But wait! I have yet to meet a boring stripper/dancer.
“Wearing a mask wears you out. Faking it is fatiguing. The most exhausting activity is pretending to be what you know you aren’t.”~Rick Warren
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Some nights at the strip club are just more difficult then others. Dancing to make money takes a certain mind set to be successful. I still have not figured out how to turn it on and off! Even after years of doing this for a job, I still cannot figure out where the on off switch is? How very frustrating!

This weekend was decent at work. I almost always judge my success on income, because it is my job. Friday night was one of my best nights in awhile, but Saturday night was a shit show. Customers were so drunk, many were spitting as they tried to have a conversation with me.

My new conclusion about the weekends is that Friday nights are better then Saturdays almost always! People have had time to drink and run wild spending money on Saturdays, all day. Fridays people have waited all week to play after working their 40+ hours and they cash their paychecks ready to go play. There are always exceptions to the rule, but for the most part I have noticed this trend throughout my dancing career. Fridays are for playing the crowd. Saturdays are for regular customers and the crowd combined.

Tonight at work, a random lady customer with a bleached blonde mullet had a rude comment for me. She was very drunk. However, if I consider the source it does not hurt so much. Imagine being judged by people who do not meet the requirements that I am held to as a dancer, but yet they still feel the need to pick me apart. It is what it is and it is an appearance based industry. I know it is shocking to many customers that after dancing for so long I still do not have a large butt, big boobs, or bleach blonde hair. Heaven forbid I am an exception to the rule.

My long fake nails and costumes are the closest I come to conforming to the mainstream stereotype of a dancer/stripper’s appearance. We all have our own boundaries.


“Boundaries are to protect life, not to limit pleasures.
Edwin Louis Cole

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Power Struggles

When a customer attempts to use the power of money in a strip club to get attention on their own terms, it vividly shows how powerless they feel in their own “real” life.

Some dancers will play this game willingly. I am not one of those girls.

I am a realist. This is just a job.

It is meant to be a win win situation, not degrading!


P.S. The strip clubs are not meant to be a place for girlfriend shopping.

“Excessive fear is always powerless.

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Dancing For Girls

Last weekend, I got to give two girls a double dance. Not something that happens everyday. On average these are good experiences, because girls are more respectful of the rules in strip clubs. However, this experience was rather mortifying, at least for me. I was embarrassed for one of the girls. Younger girls are still growing into their womanhood and their body at different rates.

The cuter of the two girls was less experienced at strip clubs. I could tell by her nervousness and body language. She showed me her new nipple piercings openly. However, when I started dancing for the two girls I could smell that smell. The cum dumpster smell. When a girl has on her pants and I can smell that smell, it must be really bad. I felt grossed out for her boyfriend or flavor of the night. I knew she was not gay because that smell does not come from other girls.

I have seen so many dancers do the pussy check in numerous dressing room mirrors, in many different strip clubs.

Do girls who do not get naked for a living forget about this important process?

This smell lead me to guess they do forget!?!


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Diamonds By Mail

I love surprises by mail! Especially when it is diamonds.

This is a perfect example of why a dancer should never keep all her eggs in one basket. It is the avenue to become stuck.

Thinking big picture is difficult when one is spending too much time in one dark bar!


“There is no surprise more magical than the surprise of being loved.”
Charles Morgan

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