Month: June 2012

Is That Really “Work”?

Tonight, I voiced my adversion to getting ready for work on my personal Facebook page and received the following comment from a friend who is a DJ by trade:

“Is that really “work” tho??? Kinda like my job…its not really a job. They pay me to do what i love lol”

My response, “Nope … It’s really work…Shocking I know!”

A few years ago I may have agreed with this friend, but nowadays I do not.

Years ago, I could have a bad day/night personally and still had a good night finacially. Merely enjoying preforming on stage, just dancing. However, the “Real” money has always been in getting naked on customers’ laps and the hussle.

No this is not something I love.

I do not enjoy dancing naked on a strange customer’s lap.

…I love the money!


“And I try to give the best bang for the buck. I love performing more than anything else.”
Jimmy Buffett

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People always question me about dating and my personal life. It is as if they think it is a sport I am a champion at, merely due to my job.

Tonight at the club, a customer interrogated me on why I am not married yet. Some men just cannot wrap their mind around the fact that I do not want to be married yet. They tell me I am too pretty to not be in a relationship. But if I was in a serious relationship, I would hope not to be working in a strip club.

I have seen men lie to women, girlfriends, and wives throughout my career. This is not comforting. Especially, because I have been that woman that was lied to in the past. I know how it feels.

Seeing the other side, in person, of just how horrible men can act is enough to jade anyone.


“If you stop caring, you’re jaded, but if you care too much, it’ll ruin you.”
~Criminal Minds

“The actor becomes an emotional athlete. The process is painful-my personal life suffers.”
~Arthur Helps

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Tonight was the worst night I have had in a very long time. Which is humbling and good for my ego, but not good for my bank account. I did not feel very aggressive tonight to begin with. Then a regular customer questioned me about my personal life and all my gumption went straight down the tube!

I share with him because I have known him for years and we have similar viewpoints. It is always nice to get another opinion on life events. However, sometimes I need to take into account that this other viewpoint just may be biased.

Just as my own can be.


“A purely objective viewpoint does not exist in the cosmos or in politics.
Howard Fineman

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The things the girls and customers say about new girls who are auditioning are baffling. I remember my first time auditioning at a club. I was mortified! I admire the courage it takes to audition at a club for the first time on a weekend night!

I was not that brave years ago! Now however, it is my preference if I am going to work at a new club. More customers means more money and in turn more residual income.

Oh how times change!


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Always An Interesting Night

The weekend crowd was out tonight. However, the majority were small fish. Customers with small pockets we could reach in and find the bottom in one song. Not the easiest crowd to work!

I am starting to remember regular customers and this is great! Seeing customers who have familiar faces is nice. Weekends are about the random big hits, but the regulars provide a naive security blanket within the forever changing fantasy land I call work.

Weekends are an adventure!

Thank you to the cocktail waitress who called me out on buying my own drinks tonight! I waste money due to laziness and bad habits, which are hard to break. I miss the good old days, when if my tab was a hundred dollars it did not matter, it was a given. And I still made good money!

Oh how times change, but little things add up!


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