Month: August 2012

Work Harder(Part 2)

Sunday night at the club, I “worked harder”. I have done this in the past occasionally to prove a point, perhaps to myself. However,  I made lemonade out of lemons. It did take quite a bit of  vodka to make this happen, but I did it.

Just do it!

….Do not think about it.

Customers’ faces blur together on good nights. Funny to think, but this is the way I prefer it. Especially when I am “working harder.”




P.S. A part of my heart is crushed that someone who claims to care for me would tell me to work harder, when they know what that means in my industry. Yet, at the same time limiting my interactions with customers just to the club. While knowing that I could go out and have fun with my clothes on and still make money. This whole situation just does not make dollars or cents and seems incredibly ludicrous! Your thoughts please…..

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