Month: August 2012

Work Harder

The real boy told me recently to work harder when I complained about not getting to see SDs. I was shocked. He would rather have me take my panties off and get dirtier at the club.

Well be careful what you wish for! You just might get it…
And in this case it makes us both look cheap.


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Burn Out

I took both Friday and Saturday nights off this weekend. Tonight, I am forcing myself to work to make up for it. I worked one night in a week(not acceptable or justifiable).

On the Friday night, I stopped in Salem on my way to Vancouver from Eugene and had a drink with some customers and dancers. One dancer I know from Eugene had a look on her face that I know all too well. She admitted to me that she did not want to do this anymore. I had never heard anyone else voice this feeling and I have had it for years.

Dancing just wears on a person’s heart and soul. It is amazing the first few years, but after that it looses its glitter and gold way too quickly. Knowing that I am not alone motivates me. Now, I realize the harder I work the quicker I will be finished, being lazy is just postponing my pain.

Rough Realization!



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Dancing For Two Men

I gave a double dance to two male customers a couple weekends ago. Once again this was a first. No they were not gay. They were with a bachelor party and from two different generations. Country boys can be fun and some of them have more money then one would expect!



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Mr. Pdx In Person

Mr. Pdx and I had dinner and drinks this past week. It felt good to catch up with him. He has been apart of my life for years now, so it is human that we connect. This was the first time I had seen him this year. I was excited and nervous for days, but when I saw him it was just as if I saw him last week.

Knowing I am a very limited part of his life and have very little say in when I get to spend time with him, really help me remember my place. I may not have seen him since last year, but even though he has not had time to spend with me he has still sent flowers, diamonds, and my allowance randomly to let me know he cares.

Oddly people become part of your life, when you least expected it at times!


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