Month: September 2012

Some Of The Best Gifts


Some of the best gifts I get are things that improve the quality of my daily life. Simple little things, from vitamins to diamonds, make me smile.

When someone buys me something like vitamins, I know they care about my well being and/or pay attention when I talk.

…When I get jewelry I know they do both!

Gifts are amazing!


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My First Strip Club


The very first club I started dancing at years ago, is now closed. The owner recently passed away and the doors were closed soon after. I had to go see with my own two eyes when I recently returned home from Washington.

Another chapter in my life is now closed!


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Revisiting The Past

I visited the strip club I worked at for three years, in Eugene, on Monday night. It was nice to reminisce about the structure I had at the beginning of my career, as a dancer.

I used to work almost every Sunday night(for three years) and the cook would make me mashed potatoes with broccoli, cheese, and fried tofu. The owner did always ask me if I had eaten and was trying to fatten me up, even back then. Regular customers would even bring in baked goods and other gifts to brighten my day.

The beginning, when I was new and on my best behavior, I worked here. Slowly, I began to make more money and drink  more. I became apart of the industry without even knowing it. The moment I began living the dancer lifestyle, and it was no longer just a job, was when I was put on the cover of the Eugene Weekly Newspaper for dancing. My dancer persona was something I created and it snowballed for years.

Little did I know that I needed to learn to control it and find boundaries.


“When I’m good I’m very, very good, but when I’m bad, I’m better.”
~Mae West

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