Month: December 2012

Lies, Lies, Lies

Mr football told me I did not get my cash allowance Saturday, when I was supposed to, because he read on my blog that I had a date and did not think I would be at the strip club tonight. Well, this was a great test! I go see Local SD tomorrow and yesterday I wrote it on Tumblr that I was going to see him before Arizona. Mr Football lied and told me he never heard of Tumblr(but has been making sly comments here and there in reference to it). So, I was testing my theory and I was right he has been spying on me. It’s always about the power trip and if he can lie to his wife and children without guilt why would I think I would ever be any different.

Beware of insurance salesmen, they are selling a possibility!

I told him I no longer want to go to Fiesta bowl, in Arizona, unless he makes this up to me! I am tired of the gifts he wants me to have and him dressing me up in a football jersey to go to a bowl game. Mr. Football even forgot to mention his wife and children to me for a few weeks after I met him. After all this he still tries power trips and the good old standard line of pay for it yourself and I will pay you back. Yet, he always feels the need to tell me how much cash he has in his wallet, but cannot make it to my bank.

Mr Football was even ignorant enough to think airline tickets are transferable. Well looks like it might just be cheaper to keep her and in this case her would be me. Community property states and divorce laws are rough. I wonder if cheating is something that is frowned upon in Washington? His wife works for a school district, I bet she is a nice lady. I remember what it was like to be in a sexless relationship and I do not blame her!!!




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A Certain Call

The Certain One called! I see California in my near future. It’s time for us to get together again. His birthday is in a couple of weeks and last year we spent his birthday and most of January together. I miss him.
When he gets back from his vacation, in January or February, I will be very happy to go see him. I wonder what kinda trouble we will get into this time? Or if I’ll just take a month off from the world like I did the last time?
The future is bright! And fast foreign cars are in my future and a much-needed break from dancing. He doesn’t like me dancing, not that he forbids it when I stay with him, but he would rather spend time with just me. He has never seen me dance and I ♡ tat part about him!
The Certain One knows Me and enjoys me just for me.


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Surviving The Club

I just ran across a website today randomly and I am very impressed. The issues this dancer exposes need to be addressed to society. I had to thank her for being the one to do so with an email/comment.

I wish someone would have told me how to recognize that connecting with people who enjoy the same activities as myself, besides stripping, would keep me sane and improve my income.

Being a novelty in our society(sometimes even in our own family) is an interesting experience. I am not sure anyone ever gets used to it all the way? However, the coping mechanisms we choose define us!


Check out Chase Kelly’s website

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