Month: March 2013

Birthday Week

My birthday week is showing some sugar! Plus, it has been awhile since I updated my adventures so…

Hotel is sending money to go shopping for a new car stereo and I visit him again in San Fran( April). I am excited, but I still do not know where I stand with him. Time tells all, but I am comfortable with him which is not something one can fake. Currently, it seems to be partially out of my hands, it all depends on what Hotel decides to do with his other SB.

Mr Football is coming to see me tomorrow for dinner and Birthday shopping. I haven’t seen him in awhile, so I am a little nervous. Life is an adventure and of course I chose sushi for dinner.

Foot Fetish is someone I enjoy being around. I have no clue what to ask for, for my birthday, from him. Perhaps, I will  just send him to my amazon wish list. This could be a great test to see just how much he wants to spoil me. We have not made a solid arrangement yet. Dinner with him on Sunday night was fun and it was great to get some face time in! Hopefully I will see him again soon.

Local Sd and I are at a stand still of sorts. I have not seen him for sugaring since January. He wants to see me again, but it is odd. He is apart of my support system, aka he is one of my friends. It is very difficult to make the separation between sugar and real life.

The Certain One I want to and will visit soon. He is a very welcoming vacation to look forward to. After my birthday is over and I get back from San Fran it will be sunny in Sacramento. Time to lay by his pool working on my book, much needed personal evolution!!

There have been lots of changes lately in my sugar life and I have been reluctant to write about the details of my sugaring… Just too many people looking to just pass judgement.



“The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.”
~Oprah Winfrey

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Finding A Balance (Part 2)


The past month or so I have been spending much of my time at the gym and focusing on being healthy. It has been more of a struggle since my return from San Francisco, but I continue on. I am adjusting to no longer dancing/stripping so back to the gym I go. Exercise and tanning make me happy! Xo Zi-Fi

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Finding A Balance

Yesterday, I received a phone call that reminded me of what it’s all for! My ripple effect may just be a little larger then I give myself credit for at times.

A younger SB called very excited about how the man in her life spoiled her more then ever before, and she accepted it without guilt. For the first time she truly got to enjoy the experience of being spoiled for what it is. We had a talk earlier this month where I helped her look at her relationship through a logical point of view, rather than purely emotional.

Life is about balance. Eating, exercise, drinking, relationships, sex, and emotions all have to be viewed logically occasionally to find balance!


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