Month: January 2014

The High Road

Taking the higher road is something that pays off in a strip club financially in the long-term, being catty has short term payoff. In the end, people tend to see a person’s true nature/colors, even in a strip club, after time.

A Saturday night recently at the strip club, I was walking out from the kitchen to check in with the dj. Well, as I was passing the lap dance area that is out in the open I spotted a male customer taking pictures of a dancer dancing for his friend. She was unaware and definitely not on my list of people I look forward to seeing(to say the Very least), but sometimes my own true colors shine through in the black lights. I freaked out on him and yelled for security. Who did this punk getting a cheap lap dance think he was? Let alone his friend taking the pictures!

I could have walked by and kept to myself and even giggled on the inside about how karma gets bitches. This decision would be have been the right public relations and marketing decision for my income. However, we are all dancers & strippers. Therefore, in the end we get grouped and judged together, before anyone will see us individually. We have to defend and protect our profession. Sometimes that means sticking up for the last person in the world you want to, knowing they would Never do the same for you!

The high road is hard to walk in stilettos!



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Rambles From A Treadmill

It is a treadmill kind of night. I didn’t feel like doing the stair stepper tonight, but I made myself come to the gym anyway. I always tell myself I can play on my iPad in bed or I can play on my phone and walk on a treadmill. The latter definitely makes me feel like a better person. I have been thinking about life a lot lately and its freaking me out!

What do I really want out of life? This is the point in time where I have the time and the freedom to manifest whatever I choose to do. What do I really want out of life? How have other people tainted my dreams? How many of my own dreams have I given up on already?

Remembering who I am opposed to who people want me to be and remembering my own goals and dreams is a difficult task!!




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Mid January Update

This past weekend was my first decent weekend of the year at the strip club. It also helped that some of my favorite girls were there and the holiday season stress is no longer with us.

I have been dabbling in sugar a little, but not enough to payoff yet. Currently, I’ve been focusing on my future and what it will take to finish my book and get published. I’ve been blogging for years and there are a couple years that aren’t even available on my blog to read any longer. Slowly but surely over the years I’ve been compiling my blog posts to make a book. I am over halfway finished and this is a project that I want to see through to the end. I have put a lot of time and energy into manifesting this dream and so I will continue until it becomes a reality!



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