Month: February 2014

Meeting An Oregon Reader

Rarely do I meet a reader in person, but a few weeks ago I arranged to met a reader at the strip club in Salem. Well, the first meeting always goes really well or extremely awful. The wide range of outcomes are never predictable. However, it is Always a tale to be told!

The first meeting ended up going extremely well. He impressed me with stories of his childhood in Central and South America, and love for his children. I was thoroughly impressed, but first impressions can often be deceiving. People can put on a show very easily, that is what the strip club experience is all about!

The second meeting was nice, but I had to play nice and share him, because another dancer got to him on a slow Sunday night(when he came in I was on stage). This was the point where I chose to be disappointed by his valentines day disappointment or see past it and realize money is the payoff I get as a stripper for disappointment. After not being valued financially that night in the same way as the first time, I tried to brush it off as a power trip of some sort.

Well, meeting number three is where all the puzzle pieces come together. I asked if he was going to come see me at the club and he replied with a yes. But he also included that he was coming to see another dancer who he spoke to last visit about after hours activities. He knew I would not accept a pay for play offer, yet kept telling me he wished he could be my sugar daddy.

In his three visits he spent enough to afford a sugar baby, well including the pay for play experience. It’s funny how people value intimacy and sexuality differently.

How do people, in general, not know intimacy and sexuality are exponentially better when mixed together?!?


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Intellectual Fluffer

Last night, I went out to breakfast after work with some regular fixtures from the strip club. It was interesting, but I do not know if I will do it again. This is something we all used to do every weekend, but as times have changed so have we. Now the younger dancers have no clue that it is normal to go out to breakfast on a weekend after working at the bar. They are so focused on cash in hand that they do not want to invest their time and efforts into getting to know customers as people, not just dollar signs. Well, they maybe correct in their thinking. This is why I like sugar, I get valued for my mind and heart, rather then being taken advantage of for it!

Working for free is never fun. After years in the strip club customers value you less, because they are there for variety and excitement. Not years of the same physical body getting naked on stage. So they move on to different bodies, but yet still expect the communication of a friend. I never knew I signed up to work at the strip club to make friends.

I am tired of fluffing, perhaps why I would rather go to the gym and work on my body then write more nowadays. Writing just makes me more”friends” that use my writing against me at the strip club. Whatever happened to just getting to be something pretty to look at.

Why does making friends at the strip club cost money rather then make you more money? Oh yeah because it’s not the best bunch of people we are dealing with!!



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Why Are You Not Married?…

Customers at the strip club often think they are witty. When in actuality they all say the same few things to me.

Wow you are tall!
How tall are you?
You’re beautiful.
You smell good.
What else do you do besides this?
I’m sure you make a lot of money.
You have a great smile.
Your teeth are perfect.
Why are you here?
I have seen you online.
You write a blog.
Why aren’t you married?
Why do you not want children? …. So many things, yet all so similar.

The one statement which gets under my skin the most is, “Why are you not married?” They always say it in a condescending tone like I am not as appealing, because I value my freedom dearly. Yes, by now I could have married for money. In a community property state, I could even be divorced by now and probably be set for life. However, the offers(yes plural) have never felt like they were a fair trade for my freedom. The thought of having to follow rules as to when and where I can work, let alone the daily things, just turns me off instantly. Sure, I would be taken care of, have nice cars of my choice, credit cards, jewelry & the finer things in life. At night, when I lay my head down on my pillow, I have to feel happy with my life and my decisions.

“Once conform, once do what other people do because they do it, and a lethargy steals over all the finer nerves and faculties of the soul. She becomes all outer show and inward emptiness; dull, callous, and indifferent.”
~Virginia Woolf

I realize the world is a shallow place, but home is supposed to be an escape. A safe place where you are valued for being multidimensional, rather than having to hide your own depth to appeal to the average strip club customer. It would be turning life into a job at the strip club. My desires/goals/wants would always come second to catering to someone else’s needs. It only makes sense to take care of the person who provides security for you, if you are not providing it for yourself. The men who seek a trophy wife rarely want to aide in their personal dreams and goals, because that would provide them with the financial freedom to leave. It would end up to be an investment that ended in a loss. So as a businessman, it makes dollars and sense to keep a trophy wife at home.

All these are all the reasons why I have not married for money. Also, I do not want to date/marry a man my own age while I work as a stripper. The jealousy issues are beyond not worth it. Asking a man my own age to be logical enough to understand intimacy and sexuality are two different things and only real when mixed together is asking too much. However, older men have enough life experience to know dancing/stripping is merely a job(a means to an end).

Overall, I do not want to marry currently and people cannot fathom this! I am a stripper what makes people think I am going to conform to the mainstream in my personal life, when I do not even conform to society for my livelihood?


Also, I must mention the unexpected death of Sandra Saxon(aka Lisa Lowry). She is a permanent ray of sunlight in the industry. In lieu of flowers her family requests that donations be sent send to a church( in the name of Lisa Ruth Wilson Lowry. Her positive ripple effect will be a wave that never ends.

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