Month: June 2014

Zi Fun Fact #10

First Celebrity Crush

I am going to finish this blog challenge, even though I did not make it in 30 days. I am determined.

This one took some thought, but after a few days it came to me. I was in love with New Kids On The Block as a child. I thought they were amazing. I was in three different kinds of dance classes at the time, so I adored that they danced. Yes, this proves it I’m a 80s child.



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Look Up

Who has noticed the new advertiser I found? … What are your thoughts?… Is it something that interests you? … Do you use toys?…

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…Toys are fun! ;)


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The Adult Industry Changed My World (Part2)

After days of deliberating and questioning others in the adult industry, I have come to a conclusion: I cannot speak for everyone who enters the adult industry, but I can speak for myself and my perspective. In my opinion there are two different kinds of people in the adult industry: those who look at it as a means to get by and/or an end, and those that look at it as a stepping stone and an opportunity. We have all been at both ends of this spectrum at one time or another. In the adult industry, you can be adored one day and be old news by next week or even the next day.

Women are very replaceable in the adult industry(like cattle) and there will always be someone younger and prettier. Plus, our career windows are limited. Therefore, opportunity is what separates a nobody from a somebody. This world is all about who you know! Where better then a strip club to meet drug dealers, pimps, bikers, business owners, celebrities, corporate Americans and people in the one percent. The spectrum of people is amazing and they all have a different piece of wisdom to share.

Then there is traveling, literally making the world larger. First is traveling to work in other places/states/countries. As a stripper, the ability to go almost anywhere and find a job is one of the perks. Plus, there is the opportunity to become a feature dancer and get paid to travel to headline at different strip clubs nationwide.

Second, there are the offers to travel with regular strip club customers. Regular customers become a stripper’s bread and butter, and there are times when they offer compensation for going to dinner, a concert, or out to drinks, and/or on a vacation. Before I ever knew what a sugar daddy was, I had a regular strip club customers who taught me what sugar was by example. One of my first trips was with another dancer and a regular strip club customer, we went to Vegas. It was an amazing trip and this seemed normal to me at the time and was the beginning of many travels. The knowledge that having someone fun and beautiful to travel with is a commodity was a very eye opening and world enlarging experience.

Some stripper who enter the adult industry choose not to take advantage of the opportunities that the strip club industry opens the doors to. They represent the other extreme of the spectrum, where working in the strip club industry can make a strippers’ world smaller. Exposure to all walks of life that without a bikini and heels may not have been experienced can be overwhelmingly eye opening to some.

We all choose our own adventure in this life, especially in the adult industry. It all comes down to making the most of things, learning from mistakes, and leaving your comfort zone to evolve as an individual. This world can be as big as you choose to make it!


Preparing For A Passion?!?

I wrote pages on notebook paper with a pen to prepare for my column this month. Trying to put into words how the industry has enlarged my world has been more of a challenge than I had expected. Remembering how small my own world used to be is almost a painful experience. How do I explain the mental chess I used to play the cards I was dealt to the outcome I desire. It all comes down to making the most of things, learning from mistakes, and leaving your comfort zone to evolve as an individual.

When you do these things everything else seems to fall into place!



Vegas Taxi

I despise taxis in Vegas, unless I’m on the strip going from one casino to another!  This past week I got sick and had to go to the doctor and pharmacy. To say the very least I looked awful, my face was swollen and I was wearing grubby shorts and a tshirt. This was the second time in Vegas I got in a taxi this trip and I was on my way home from the pharmacy. Somehow looking awful, it being daylight, and getting picked up from a pharmacy I thought it would be safe to take a taxi. Plus, it was necessary I felt awful and just wanted to lay down and rest.

Less than three minutes after entering the taxi, the driver asked if I was in the Adult Industry. I looked up navigation on my phone, while indulging him in small talk. This man now become a situation when he mentioned the website Wyp. He continued by asking if I had tried it and stating how much he enjoyed it. My safety was on the line and I was sick alone in a big city for the first time!

At my worst moment, I had to deal with a man treating me like a sexual object and acting like a predator… Just another reason I despise taxis in Vegas!



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