Month: January 2015

Create-a-Mate: AVN Expo 2015

imageCreate-a-Mate was one of the very first booths I experienced at the AVN Expo/Convention in Las Vegas. The sign and the name are enough to draw anyone in for a closer look, especially when there is casting material on the table in front of the booth. Curiosity gets the best of us all, even at an adult industry convention.

At first I just thought it was another dildo company, because I was surrounded by a convention full of sex toys. However after speaking to the owner, Andrew, my opinion was quickly changed. He is from New York, which is where his company is based(since 1996). It hit me that he was a real person with a kind heart when one of the first things he shared was the fact that he gives a 50% military discount to all military people. This allows their significant others to have a dildo that is shaped like them while they are away and/or deployed. This is something I never contemplated before, but what a great way to help the military people out in their love lives.

Andrew was kind enough to give myself and my new partner in crime(Adventures Of The Mayor) both a kit to try. So this will not be the last post about Create-a-Mate!

A Huge thank you to Andrew for being such a kind, down to earth person.




P.S. Create-a-Mate will have new products coming out soon after the AVNs!




AVN Expo 2015 Adventures With The Mayor

You Know you had fun at the AVN Awards when you have to ship a box home.
You Know you had fun at the AVN Awards when you have to ship a box home.


The AVN Expo in Las Vegas was beyond sensory overload, but just what I needed. I am still recovering from it all. Obtaining a press pass on my own allowed me the freedom to enjoy the expo on my own agenda. So, I arrived on Wednesday night after the expo had already started. However, I was out networking at the strip clubs within an hour of getting to my home away from home in Vegas. Nothing like jumping back in the deep end of my old life and the adult industry. It was thrilling and refreshing, but it took almost a day to adjust back. After not wearing makeup for months and recovering from my recent surgery, I have to admit I have become a bum. Realizing that I have to put on my war paint and big hair to be taken seriously was a harsh reality, but I used my body to get to this point in my career. It is naive of me to think it is still not part of my equation for success.

This experience made my world larger once again and I am once again reminded how blessed I am to be apart of the adult industry. Stay tuned for the projects in different forms of media, now in the works.




Check out my new partner in Crime:

Adventure Of The Mayor


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A Heartless Object – Strip Club Journals Unbound

The adult industry is simply not a place to take a heart. Emotionally bankrupt people are everywhere trying to break others. However, they are also the bread and butter of the adult industry.

Since I have left behind black lights and stilettos, I realized just how much the “real world” ignores emotions and feelings. Strip clubs are an escape for people who live in the “real world” as a way to cater to their own emotions/feelings without feeling weak/guilty. In American society, we still view emotions as a weakness rather than a strength. In strip clubs, customers view beauty, attention, and sexuality as love, affection, and intimacy.This confusion between the “real world” and the adult industry leads to many misconceptions.

The misconceptions about the adult industry are limitless in American society. Just as the “real world” is skewed to those of us in the adult industry. Will we ever understand one another? How does a person leave the adult industry behind? Can the adult industry even be left behind completely?

After witnessing the amount of deception that occurs in the “real world”, the adult industry becomes a safe place where intentions are vividly transparent. The “real world” has so many hidden agendas and disillusions. At least in the adult industry we know what people’s’ intentions boil down to, whether stated or not. The “real world” is a shade of grey that cannot be seen through. Let alone understood.

The “real world” cannot fathom being viewed as an object rather than a person. Yet, the “real world” walks into strip clubs every night to treat people as objects. And in turn those of us in the adult industry prepare to be treated as objects every night we make our way to work. This makes for the great divider between the “real world” and the adult industry. A divide that often cannot be bridged.

Ignorance is bliss or at least that is what they say. Knowing what it feels like to be treated kindly merely because you are visually appealing is a life changing experience when it becomes routine. Making a move, nearly overnight, from having crowds of people who gather around a stage throwing money at you based on how you look and move, to simply having the occasional middle aged guy steal peaks at you while you are grocery shopping in yoga pants, can be an ego punch felt deep on the insides. The residual pain is emotionally exponential. Suddenly all the intuition that you have developed about other people’s emotional needs and wants becomes a hinderance rather than a valuable skill. In the “real world” there is no monetary value in knowing about someones emotional bankruptcy unless you are in the psychiatric field. And once again ignorance is bliss because often people in the “real world” do not value or question their own emotional well being.

Living from the heart and being in the adult industry are possible, but a rarity. In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, let us all take an emotional inventory and realize where we have emotional needs and wants that are not being met and/or are being met by a maladaptive coping mechanism(eg. strip club, sex, chocolate cake). Emotional bankruptcy is not necessary in the “real world” or in the adult industry. Explore the power of living from the heart. Happy Valentine’s Day!



“Keep love in your heart. A life without it is like a sunless garden when the flowers are dead.”

~Oscar Wilde

P.S. Avn Awards bound stay tuned for my adventures to come. ❤

New Year, New Life


My life is so very different then when I first started this blog, even so very different from a year ago. Nowadays, I spend my days cleaning, doing laundry, cooking, primping and taking care of a dog. During this recent major transition I have not written much, because I do not want to become one of those this is what I made for dinner or look at my dog’s new sweatshirt or look at what I shopped for online today blogs.

Being a “normal person” is a lot of work. It really is a full time job to take care of a home. I live in a small loft style condo downtown, so a big house in suburbia almost seems like a nightmare. Responsibility is at a new found high in my life. Committing to be with one man and to take care of another living being on top of it was a lot very quickly. However, looking back I cannot imagine not making these changes and commitments.

Evolution comes in different shapes and sizes!


“Knowing your worth is hard…. standing up for yourself is even more difficult!” ~Zi-Fi

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