Month: June 2015

Pole Championships, Feature Dancing, & Porn


Tis the season to spring into action(pun intended) and the events just keep coming in the adult industry. Pole championships, feature dancers, adult actresses: Oh my!

2015 Miss Pole Champ USA(@PoleChamp) was hosted recently in Tampa, Florida by Tony Batman and Vayda Kiss. The competition was held at, “THE World Famous Solid Gold Club(@TampaGoldClub),” as my friend The Mayor would say(@EAFLOWS). Miss Pole Champ USA was founded in 2011 by Nakita Kash, who has put on 60 of these competitions around the country.

“Everything happens for a reason. Clip my wings, I will still figure out how to fly.” ~Vayda Kiss

Vayda Kiss(@vaydakiss) not only co-hosted this event/competition, but was the crowned champion from 2014. The lovely Miss Vayda Kiss is the first two-time Nationally crowned Miss Pole Champ USA. On stage her presence is full of flair and energy, along with her perfectly executed pole tricks. She is a talented athlete and it is easy to see how she has been crowned twice as a champion. Vayda Kiss graciously crowned the 2015 winner of Miss Pole Champ USA:  Miss Natasha Nova.

Natasha Nova(@MsNatshaNova) is a 27-year-old from Louisville Kentucky. Her shows were flawless and her costumes and choreography instantly showed that she was a top competitor. She had worked hard to earn her invitation to compete this year. After being crowned champion Natasha Nova was also presented a trophy in the shape of a glittery stiletto (made by Glitter Heels @glitterheels1) and received two mini titles:  Best Costume and Fans Choice. We hope to see much more of her in the future!

After Miss Pole Champ USA wrapped up, Monroe’s 2nd annual Feature Tournament started four hours away in West Palm Beach on the same day. Being an entertainer and a competitor, means traveling in many different avenues and hours, while still remaining cool, calm, and collected. This is not a career for an average human. If you have never used a blow dryer on new plastic heels purchased in a strange city to work in, then you just will never understand.

There were six feature dancers competing at Monroe’s Feature Tournament in West Palm Beach for the winner take all prize of $5,000. Scott and Jennifer Lizza, owners of Monroe’s sponsored the event and provided the prize money. Competing in the feature dancer circuit is something that one does not necessarily for the monetary payoff, but rather the recognition and residual bookings. The prize money is almost nothing after you take into account the amount of time and money these ladies spend on fitness, health, costumes, travel, etc. Just imagine if you were one of the five who went home not as the winner and you barely broke even for travel expenses to compete. Well, this is a reality for some and yet they still sign up to compete. Competition within the industry is fierce, but I would rather work a few busy night shifts to guarantee myself take home money. Rather then compete in a feature competition where I may walk away with No financial gain for my efforts. This is perhaps where I do not understand competitions within the industry. However, I realize that passion is a large part of everyone’s variation on the equation of what drives them in the adult industry. If anyone in the industry has heart it is the women who compete in feature and pole competitions.

The six feature entertainers who were invited to compete at Monroe’s Feature Tournament were from all over the nation and Canada as well.

Miss Mena @_Miss_Mena_

Justice @JusticeofVan/

Lacey Rain @TheLaceyRain/

Christina Aguchi @Aguchixxx/

Madison Cue @Madison_Q/

Janine Jericho @JaneneJericho/

The winner who took home the prize of $5,000 was Christina Aguchi. Her birthday the next night was also celebrated at Monroe’s, with DJ Patrick M(@DJPatrickm). There the other feature performers were able to perform for Christina Aguchi. Not often do these adult industry icons get to be around others who are as talented as they are. Therefore, magic has to follow these women, along with many stigmas and assumptions.

Not all feature dancers have done porn and not all adult actresses are feature dancers. Yet, these are two arenas within the adult industry often overlap. A perfect example of an adult actresses and a feature dancer would be Tori Black(@MissToriBlack/ She did her first scene as an adult actress in 2007 and in Dec 2008 she was Penthouse Pet of the Month. Tori Black’s large accomplishment is she is the first person to win AVN Female Performer of the Year Award two years in a row and back to back in 2010 and 2011. This huge accomplishment is proof that the adult industry has many niches with or without porn. Maybe this is what mainstream society needs to realize:  the adult industry encompasses us all and does not just involve pornography. In the adult industry we all have a different passion for art, which we all express differently and with creativity.


ZiFi @ZiFiStripClub

Big thank you to Chris Meggs(@meggs_chris) for the amazing photos and putting in the travel hours for this month’s column.

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