Month: April 2016

Panda Pandamonium

PANDA is the Professional Adult Nightclub DJ Association(@PandaMembers1). They represent the best of the best when it comes to strip club industry DJs nationwide. The PANDA association is working to make the strip club industry a better place not only for DJs, but all strip club workers.

The PANDA association has created a national network of strip club DJs, who have never had the opportunity to network as they do now. With the powerful tool of the internet strip club DJs from all over have gotten the opportunity to connect with others, who can relate to the shoes they put on to go to work every night. With all the different markets and demographics of strip clubs this has proven to be a great tool enabling strip club DJs to gain information they would otherwise never get the chance to gain other than firsthand.

Dane Hansen(@ttbardj_lv), President of the board of directors of PANDA and Ilan Fong(@IlanFong), Secretary of the board of directors of the PANDA have been extremely willing to collaborate to create more positive exposure for the strip club industry. PANDA helps DJs do everything from find the top music of the week to find affordable healthcare(yes, healthcare!). Mainstream America may not be aware, but being a strip club DJ is a rare career few get the option of entertaining. Just as in any career/industry, being the best of the best takes passion and hard work. These men and a few women have worked incredibly hard to be where they are today.

Pandas from all over the nation will gather in Colorado April 23th for Pandamonium. Stay tuned for their updates for the year to come!

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Check out it is a social media site for all strip club workers, which is also apart of the ripple effect Panda is making on the future of the strip club industry. @Wiazzadotcom

Sully Savage



At the Avn Expo 2016, I was blessed with randomly meeting this beauty among the masses. Let us follow her evolution through the adult industry!

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