Month: August 2016

July & August In Las Vegas

This year I have kept to myself and kept my travels to a minimal more than ever since entering the adult industry. Writing/publishing my first book is a great leap to my bigger goals, but it has been a lonely process(Yes, I am almost finished & No, I’m not disclosing what it is about yet). I have taken up cooking again and many other things I never thought I would do. However, I am enjoying a different lifestyle, pursuing my dreams, and still drinking coffee at midnight while writing occasionally.
Living Alone in a new state full-time is an experience I am lucky to have and helps me recognize #SmallTownsSmallMinds more vividly! Las Vegas has been my home away from home for years, but it is now my home. It is where my mind feels at ease and where I now feel centered. Home(Oregon) reminds me of my roots, but Las Vegas reminds me of possibility and the future.
I have discovered people’s true colors(both good and bad) and who I want by my side as I achieve/manifest my dreams and goals.
Thank you to everyone who participated in my life with action or by inaction!
You all make my world Real. 

Check back soon for more updates and information on my book soon to be available on Amazon. The suspense is killing me, but the excitement of a surprise is something I can never resist!