Month: January 2017

My New Book: A Decade On A Pole


I am happy to announce my second book now is available on Amazon and iTunes! #ADecadeOnAPole



This book is dear to my heart. My magazine columns, journals, and tips on how to survive the adult industry are all included. I hope this book makes a great ripple effect in some peoples lives and careers.



Special thank you to Robert Bryant​ for being an amazingly patient book editor.
Mitchell Murphy​ and Heath Stillwell​ thank you for years of being amazing magazine editors and putting up with my kind of crazy!

AEE 2017-Part One


Avn season is always predictably unpredictable. Every year I try to plan and prepare for AEE and the AVN Awards in Las Vegas, but I also take into consideration that magical moments cannot always be planned. With a handful of large convention rooms filled with the madness of adult actors, webcam models, fans, press, sex toys, and excitement:  I never know what will catch my eye and/or attention.
The week before AVN 2017, I was hectically finishing my second book, “A Decade On A Pole”. My book editor, Robert Bryant(@DemonSeed69) and I spent many late nights and early mornings fine tuning the first year of my syndicated magazine column:  “Strip Club Journals Unbound”. These columns along with advice and tools on surviving the adult industry make up “A Decade On A Pole” which is now available on iTunes and Amazon.

AEE 2017 Journals
Monday Jan 16th, 2017
This is a very important week for my career. It will set the tone for the rest of the year. With two books out on Amazon and iTunes my career as an author and journalist will grow exponentially in the next year. A career defining moment of my life will unravel throughout 2017. I hope, pray, and manifest the best possible outcome. Failing and falling on my face is a possibility, but if I do not try I will always wonder what if! Feeling alive and evolving makes me nauseous.

Tuesday Jan 18th, 2017
Tonight was the opening cocktail party for AEE 2017. It was great to relax with the people we work with nationwide actually in the flesh. Seeing most of your adult industry friends in one place is nearly unheard of, but it does happen this magical week in the Las Vegas desert. Joe Evans(@norealvalue), Enrique Arellano(@eaflows), Robert Bryant(@demonseed69), Kevin Young, DJ Lee(Spearmint Rhino Gentlemen’s Club, Las Vegas), and I all had the opportunity to grab a meal after the opening cocktail party. This was the most wholesome adult industry fun I have had in a long time. We all have chosen the adult industry as a career in many different niches and regions with success. My hope and faith are restored to new heights after being surrounded by like-minded people.

Thursday Jan 19th, 2017
When you realize you dreamed too big too quickly…
Today I had to give up on my goal of an AEE 2017 book. However, I realized all the networking I have done along the way is starting to payoff. Going out of my comfort zone this year and going to the AVN nomination party in Hollywood to network with even more adult industry people was a great career move. Personal appearances and independent writing assignments will be more beneficial to my career within the next year than anything else. After staying home to write books last year it is time to get out of my house!

Friday Jan 20th, 2017
I am tired and beyond sleep deprived. In the past two nights I have slept maybe 10 hours total. I love AEE & AVN, but being attractive, business savvy, and a woman journalist in the adult industry is at least two full time jobs. Plus, meeting so many amazing people makes it difficult to call it an early night. Next AEE is the only time we are guaranteed to see these people so we make the best of it all.

Saturday Jan 21st, 2017

Before Expo & Red Carpet

Here I sit at Mr Lucky’s at the hard rock hotel in Las Vegas eating eggs with my big hair and war paint. Tonight will be my second AVN red carpet event this season. My war paint may be on, but the butterflies on my insides just won’t stop. Knowing anything can happen is an amazing feeling when embraced. I can only imagine what the numerous nominees feel like.

After Expo & Red Carpet

My first AVN Red Carpet was in Hollywood at the Avn Nomination Party and tonight I finished the Avn season with the Red Carpet in Las Vegas. What an amazing experience! Pushing out of my comfort zone and being on camera is a challenge. Although I do see myself improving, it is still not my favorite or natural niche in journalism. However, it is always necessary to evolve in your career. Evolution is not comfortable otherwise everyone would do it!

The irony of the AEE and AVNs is often you learn more about yourself than the people you actually go to interview and meet.




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