Here I sit at the airport in Eugene, with my rasta colored bag and Armani flip flops, starting my adventure. Airports are where many of my adventures begin. I love the energy of the airport. It is a feeling of anything can happen and excitement fills the air. People rushing to get away and others to go home to share their stories with loved ones. Here, I blend in with the hustle and bustle. The looks on peoples faces when they see me is priceless. They try to figure out my story and I wonder what they think because the probability of them guessing correctly is almost impossible.

I have no clue what to say I do because others just have one job and/or career they focus on for years. While I work job to job and strip in between. I am a stripper, but telling people that in small talk is a quick way to stop the conversation or steer it in the wrong direction quickly.


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