All The Stuff

Photo: Sunday Funday

After being home for a couple of weeks now and adjusting back to the pace of life here, in Oregon, I am taking advantage of the simple things in life. Yet, they are a bit more complex for some people to understand. This picture above is a perfect example.

Yes, I am still a small town girl at heart, but now I have a different look that confuses people and detours them from looking within. Nowadays my Armani flip-flops, pedicure, nails, jewelry, and tan without tan lines make people do a double take which is the goal of it all, but even my friends see how these things have become apart of me.

Good or bad we all change with our lives and experiences. My goal is to remember my roots and that even with all the “stuff” I am still just me. A small town Oregon girl who grew up in the rainforest with big dreams, and with no example of success on a road less traveled.



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