AVN Expo 2015: Strip Club Journals Unbound (Part 1)

Being career minded is a key factor which separates individuals who succeed in the adult industry from the individuals who allow themselves to be used by the industry. The AVN Expo 2015, in Vegas, was a perfect example of this key factor. It was an extremely pleasant way to network and weed out individuals who use the industry as a way to get by. Rather than as a stepping stone to something greater. Being surrounded by so much active talent within the adult industry was a buzz I had never before experienced. The creativity and wisdom flowed through the convention unapologetically. If one is brave enough in their career to go against the grain, they are more likely to be open and understanding of others. Nothing like being judged for what you do, rather than who you are, to bring us all together in the adult industry.

The talent was not limited to the adult actors and models. It was shocking how much creative talent goes into the adult industry. Yes, I knew the industry is extremely large. However, it never really hit me how large, until I was at the AVN Expo. Meeting radio, television, photography, and other media talent involved in covering the AVN Expo for the rest of the world to enjoy, made me realize the extreme fascination mainstream society has with the adult industry. Therefore, the work everyone in the adult industry puts forth is for the entertainment and enjoyment of others. This is another commonality that brings Everyone in the adult industry together.

We all aim to please!





Shawna Lenee & I at AVN Expo @shawnalenee_xxx
Shawna Lenee & I at AVN Expo

Check out Shawna Lenee live from the AVN Expo on Adventures Of The Mayor!

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