Best Of The Best

The adult industry is an amazing place at the top, but very few get the chance to experience the opportunities and perks of the top. Those who do get to the place of the best of the best are blessed. However, as the saying goes, luck is opportunity meeting preparation so these few individuals have earned their rare blessings.

Christian Desire(Instagram:  MiamiModelo) has reached the top of the adult industry as a male stripper. Not only does he look amazing, but he is an extremely grounded person to speak with. Especially, considering the accomplishments(not to mention stories) he acquired along his adventures in the adult industry. Christian Desire travels dancing with the international traveling group Buns and Bowties(@Bunsandbowties), owned by J.J. McGraw(a.k.a. Mr. Worldwide).

A recent part in Magic Mike XXL was able to change Christian’s life and career. Some understandably need a new challenge once they have reached the top of their profession. Years of stripping and traveling with Buns and Bowties, who are more sought out than any other male group/review show and who continue to grow must be amazing. However, it only makes dollars and sense for Christian Desire to seek out a new higher level of success. A true entertainer at heart will never stop loving the ability to entertain others.

Recently I spoke with Christian Desire to followup and catch up with him since the recent release of the film Magic Mike XXL in July. Which from my Facebook news feed alone I can tell is a big deal to mainstream American society and is no longer attached with many mainstream stigmas of the past. Perhaps finally sex starved women who are repressed by religion, society, marriage, and children in American society are finally being catered to by the adult industry in a fashion they deem inoffensive  and yet still satisfies their sexual curiosities. Men have had this right/ability to fulfill this sexual desire for hundreds of years if not thousands of years. For women this is a whole new world and now more acceptable in mainstream American society than ever before.

Since the release of Magic Mike XXL Christain Desire has been insanely busy with work opportunities. A highlight is the new TV Pilot he will be filming in Atlanta this fall, while still touring with Buns and Bowties. Also, look forward to Christain in the upcoming movies: “The Nice Guys” with Russel Crowe and “Ride Along 2” with Ice Cube(just to name a couple).

Another example of the best of the best is Prinzzess Felicity. She has done over 160 scenes as an adult actress and was a Penthouse Pet in October 2014. Prinzzess Felicity was one of the first big girl on girl adult stars who is still active in the adult film industry today. She not only is an adult actress and model, but also is a feature dancer in strip clubs nationwide. This allows her to travel while still working. Traveling is one of the passions Prinzzess Felicity plans to indulge in once she has more leisure time. She is just a normal person who likes to eat pizza on her cheat days, but has achieved greatness. Being great in any industry takes an incredible amount of work. In the adult industry, as a woman it takes an exponential amount of work to achieve greatness. Men forget women run the adult industry, yet even women forget this. Every time any woman in the adult/sex industry devalues herself our value as a whole goes down.

The people in the adult industry who rarely reach the top would be small town strippers, who do not even know of the opportunities available. Dick Hennessy is the host of the Vagina Beauty Pageant held in Oregon. This is an opportunity for the eyes of small town strippers to see the stepping stone that the adult industry can truly be. In small towns it is easy to forget how much opportunity actually exists in the adult industry because small towns breed small dreams and small minds. I was shocked at the negative reaction I received after covering just one of the preliminary rounds of The Vagina Beauty Pageant in Oregon. The word “Vagina” seems to upset people. In actuality how is this competition different from any of the other competitions in the adult industry. Wet t-shirt contests are socially acceptable to a certain degree even outside the adult industry. This contest just takes being liberal to a new level, which the Northwest has proudly accomplished. Yes, liberal means not censoring what others value as happiness and fun in their lives. Including if they would like to take part in a vagina beauty pageant. True it is extreme, but hey we are all adults right?

If people in the adult industry are not allowed to see the opportunities that are available to them then they will never see the big picture. The adult industry can be a stepping stone to something else or it can be where you achieve greatness.






PS. Next month look forward to my adventure with Chris Meggs(@meggs_chris) into the mainstream at the V.I.P. Fashion show in Tampa, Florida (, more with Christain Desire(Instagram:  MiamiModelo) and Buns and BowTies(@Bunsandbowties), and the Vagina Beauty Pageant finals held in Oregon will also be in next month’s column.

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