Bling-N-Things Pasties Review


Pasties, pasties, and more pasties to review. This was a bit of a shocking challenge, because I no longer strip and never wore pasties when I was a stripper. The owner(Eric Polle) of Bling-n-Things claims, “They are the best pasties ever.” Being as he is a man, I wondered how he came to this conclusion and what research this was based on. Besides the input of other features and dancers he gave free samples to try.

My first stop after realizing the large did not fully cover my nipples was my laser skin tightening lady because she has seen it all. I am 5’9, 120lbs with implants that make me a 32DD, large is not really a word in my vocabulary unless I’m at Starbucks. So with my concern, I ran straight to my laser skin tightening lady. She put me at ease by confirming that these pasties would not fit most women especially ethnic women or women who breast feed and many other women for many other reasons. This made me feel better, yet sad at the same time. Since leaving the strip club industry I have been bombarded with the size of mainstream American clothes. When I go shopping nowadays, I surround myself in ex small and smalls. Unlike the adult industry where my tall thin frame was never called a small. Bling-N-Things reminded me on how sizes in the strip club industry are used to oppress women into conforming to a man’s view of what a woman should look like.

I wonder if they even know what they are unconsciously doing in this patriarchal society we live in?

If you have small boobs/implants/nipples you can order at for great prices on bulk orders. This is the perfect product for women who feel like they have mosquito bites for breasts.




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