Call Me Money Hungry…

What I thought was a good friend recently called me money hungry and it was a jaw dropping experience for me. Yes, I am aware people view me in this light, but I thought some people(aka my real friends) would understand that is just a stereotype that goes along with my job. My friends do not realize that if I was truly money hungry I would have been married years ago living on the beach in California with at least one child half way on my way to my first divorce in a community property state. But here I am in Oregon, because I have a heart and value my independence to a fault and my family. If big money was what I really wanted at any cost, then I would have it.

I have not even found a SD in Oregon that I enjoy seeing in years. Yes, the options are limited here, but I refuse to settle, even in my sugar life. Standards are not a bad thing, even if the standards are high. After living life as a choose my own adventure for this long I refuse to settle. Yes, I make mistakes and some times what I want is not what I need, but I am trying and I am figuring life out for myself.

Life experience and mistakes turn to wisdom, which when used is not hungry!



You treat me like a game

I will teach you how the game is played!

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