Create-a-Mate: AVN Expo 2015

imageCreate-a-Mate was one of the very first booths I experienced at the AVN Expo/Convention in Las Vegas. The sign and the name are enough to draw anyone in for a closer look, especially when there is casting material on the table in front of the booth. Curiosity gets the best of us all, even at an adult industry convention.

At first I just thought it was another dildo company, because I was surrounded by a convention full of sex toys. However after speaking to the owner, Andrew, my opinion was quickly changed. He is from New York, which is where his company is based(since 1996). It hit me that he was a real person with a kind heart when one of the first things he shared was the fact that he gives a 50% military discount to all military people. This allows their significant others to have a dildo that is shaped like them while they are away and/or deployed. This is something I never contemplated before, but what a great way to help the military people out in their love lives.

Andrew was kind enough to give myself and my new partner in crime(Adventures Of The Mayor) both a kit to try. So this will not be the last post about Create-a-Mate!

A Huge thank you to Andrew for being such a kind, down to earth person.




P.S. Create-a-Mate will have new products coming out soon after the AVNs!




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