Defining Success

Today, Mr Canada and I were chatting like normal and he challenged me with the question of defining success. This was a rough question. At first, I attempted to answer in an emotional manner, “It makes your heart warm, your eyes tear up, and a smile come out you never knew you possessed.” Then I came up with a more tangible answer after being probed more, which made me really think! “Financial independence and the ability to say I want to go to Hawaii tonight and not have to worry about money, work, or responsibilities. Work will be portable and I would get to go at my own pace and follow my passions of seeing the world, experiencing it, and writing about.”

This is another conversation I had with Mr. Canada that has enlightened me to more of who I am and what I want out of life. I have an app on my phone just so I can text him no matter what country he is in. It is amazing to have someone to relate to. It is odd to think the person I talk to the most is in another country, yet he challenges me the most!



Ps. Maui before March with Mr Canada, it’s almost like a four letter word. :)

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