Divorcing A Narcissist

The past 60 days, I have been arming myself with knowledge about cluster b personality disorders. I had to wait to be able to take legal action to discard my narcissistic partner. Legal and financial ties are all we have left. This is an extra step, I have never had to take before. Normally ending a relationship is pretty simple, but get the government involved and you become helpless at times due to the red tape and legalities.

Being stuck with a narcissist legally is a heavy burden to bear. It is much like being a child again and being stuck between my covert narcissist Father and my Mother who is BPD and a spiritual narcissist. During the past few months, I gathered so much information, knowledge, and wisdom on cluster b personality disorders. Finally, I understand the emotional warfare these people use in the name of love.

The secrets that keep their false reality alive are pretty overwhelming. They jump through many hoops to disguise their lack of humanity and immoral behaviors. I do not know how they live in such a stressful manner, but their health conditions prove that it does take a toll on them. I know recovering from domestic violence and narcissistic abuse has taken its toll on my mind, my health, and my general well being.

Here is to a new chapter of my life beginning! I took my power back and refuse to conform to these people’s false realities.



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