Easy Living In The Glamorous LIfe

People seem to assume being a female writer in the adult industry must be one of the most glamorous jobs, besides being an adult actress. Glamour comes at a price, just as anything else. No one sees the hours I spend in front of a computer, laptop, and/or phone in pajamas. Yes, networking in person is a large part of the equation in the adult industry, in any niche. However, the people we meet are not located nearby where we have the ability to interact in person often. The most valuable people found networking are from different parts of the nation/world and are from different forms of media. We all create differently.

Recently, I have noticed a disconnect with the people I know local to Oregon. Anyone who wants to get anywhere, let alone the world, escapes small town rural Oregon (transplants maybe a different situation). I rarely make time for Oregonians in my schedule, especially if it is work related. There are a few people I hold close to my heart in the adult industry here in Oregon, but few is the key word. There are always those people who touch your heart no matter where you meet them. Well,this applies to strip clubs and the adult industry as well. Good hearted people exist everywhere, the hard part is finding them.

I may have felt like a blend of Hunter S. Thompson and Marilyn Monroe today, but they both also worked hard to play hard.



Check out my new friends over in Florida!

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@meggs_chris  Pink Stripper 

‘Luck is a very thin wire between survival and disaster, and not many people can keep their balance on it.” ~Hunter S. Thompson

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