Exploring Living In Portland

So much to catch up on! I must apologize for my absence lately. I was exploring the option of living in Portland, much like test driving a car. Portland is a big city, which is better for opportunity than Eugene. However, it is still Oregon. Where living on a beautiful hill of green trees means wondering when winter comes if the roads up the hills will even be drivable. I do love Portland, but in my few weeks there I decided it is not home. Also, three places to call home is one too many!

I will still visit Portland, but I have decided that currently it is not for me. After making the decision I did not want to stay in Portland, I packed my things, drove to Eugene, and got on a flight to Vegas the next day. Vegas and the desert feel like home away from home.

The latest addition to my life(A1) has encouraged me to do what makes me happy. Never have I heard this so sincerely from a man/sugar daddy. This was what I needed to hear at exactly the right time in my life. I went up to Portland with intentions of returning to stripping. However, stripping is not worth my happiness. It is extra income I am passing up, but there comes a time when the money no longer outweighs how hard it is on a person’s body, heart, and soul.

In Portland, I found a new sugar daddy: A1. He is someone I would like to keep in my life. Even after telling him that I decided I did not want to live in Portland, he agreed to stay apart of my life. This was an amazing feeling. It made my whole Portland experience worthwhile!

Everything happens for a reason…



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