From Adult Industry Writer to Real Life


After being at the AVN Expo and being surrounded by “my people” it has been a rough transition to come home to Portland and my everyday life. I missed my real life, but I loved the thrill of working again. After months of recovering and being a bum it felt amazing to be the career driven person I am at heart.  Working smarter rather than harder is not always as easy as it may seem.  It tests your patience beyond belief at moments. However, it is like chess:  plan and play to win.

So now, I am back to my “Real Life” and I appreciate it beyond belief, because it allows me to remain grounded. I cannot lie I miss the thrill of living the adult industry lifestyle at times. Then I remember how amazing it is to have security and someone who wants and values having me around.

How the times change! From being loved by the masses to being truly loved by one.  I like it!


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