Giving Up Normal

In Vegas everything is in everyone’s face:  alcohol, gambling. Buffets, drugs, Sun, heat, desert, sexuality and physicality. Nothing goes unnoticed here, except a good heart, soul, and genuine smile/kindness. Travelers passing through town on short vacations seem to be the only people I can talk to and actually relate to. Even they are normally caught up a bit by the glitz and glamor of the city lights and alcohol.

After working in the adult industry for so long, I am able to see past the glitz and glamor. All things are not as amazing as they seem, once experienced. People here are as shallow as a kiddy pool. Never did I realize how big of a misconception  people have about the term sugar baby. No I am not a prostitute, and no I cannot be bought for the night. I have arrangements/relationships with older men who help with my evolution. Much like a trophy Wife, but without the daily chores. These are win-win situations and relationships. I meet men all the time, but rarely do I deem a man worthy of the title of sugar daddy. Often they are emotionally lazy men who are trying to buy their way out of getting to know a woman as a person.

In Vegas, the mecca of the adult industry, I have realized just how much society loves to hate the people who work in the adult industry. People will always assume the worst about a life they have never lived, yet they secretly envy at the same time!



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