Halloween: My Day In Plastic Wrap Hell

Halloween day was the day after A1 moved into his new condo. I was left in a maze of boxes and plastic wrapped furniture for the day. I have a need for order in order to remain calm. Well, there was no order to be found in this day. After days of pain pills, I knew there were not enough pills in the world to enable me to unpack and create the order I wished and needed. So, I did the little that I could which consisted of things such as unpacking dishes and stacking them on the floor because I could not put them in the high cabinets.

In the end I felt like I lost even though I made a little progress throughout the day. Never have I realized my need for order in such a large way before. Today, was a bubble wrapped hell where I could barely move my arms. I survived and it is now over, I even have WiFi again.

Oh the simple necessities!



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