Haywood Lesson #224

Haywood February 2015

As I make my way through this journey of transition, I have adopted a little partner in crime who helps me to see the world from a new perspective. Everyday I learn something new from this little creature. The day(at the pound) when he arrived in my life he saved my heart more than I saved him.
Unconditional love is priceless and rewarding beyond my experience. Today, I learned the importance of play from Haywood.  As he ran on a treadmill at the gym it hit me like a concrete wall, play is important for not only dogs but humans as well.
After being in the adult industry for years my definition of play had changed.  I forgot how to play in a sense and intertwined play with work. Only allowing myself the opportunity to play wholeheartedly when I disconnected from everything in the woods in Oregon, on rare occasions.  Being an entertainer made me forget how to be entertained around others without being the center of attention or life of the party. Putting on my war paint became a metaphorical and physical change within.
No longer do I have to live with this disconnect. However, now I must reconnect and learn to play just for the sake of play.


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