I Do Not Want To Waste Your Time

This morning I woke up with the statement, “I do not want to waste your time,” running through my head, on repeat like a nightmare. Every time I work I run into customers who I talk with who reply, “I do not want to waste your time. I know you are here to make money.”

Well, my question to them is why are they even there?!? There is no such thing as a free show! If they are there to see the visual stimulation and drink, then sit at the stage with a stack of  ones and have fun. Enjoy the strip club for what it is:  freedom from the constraints society puts on sexuality. However, freedom is never free. 

Escaping from the constraints society puts on sexuality is a heavy price to pay for a career. One must  prepare to be judged for the rest of their lifetime in a variety of ways. Customers just visit this world us dancers live in.

Dancers live in a world where we are always having to pay the price for freedom from the sexual restraints of our society. A perfect example would be we(dancers) rarely get looked at as an individual person, but often as a sexual object. Customers are just visiting our world, like they are on vacation. I have never been on a free vacation!

Are these free vacations just offered to men?



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