Infusion Remax

Jacqueline at VIP Fashion  Show-Tampa

The last thing I expected to see at the VIP Exclusive Fashion Show in Tampa, Florida was an amazing pole dancer. Jason Rex and Jacqueline Valdez began the VIP Exclusive Fashion show in Tampa, Florida setting the tone for the event. Jacqueline elegantly worked the pole and the floor while Jason Rex, a power vocalist, expressed passion and emotion through song. This dynamic duo was very unexpected. However, it added to the buzz and excitement of the fashion show just as Terrance Shaw(owner of VIP Exclusive Fashion Show) had anticipated.

Infusion Remax is an amazing duo who will have much success to come in their future. Look for them to appear in Vegas soon! They are such a unique collaboration. The talent they have is raw, rare, and yet harnessed.




Jason and Jacequeline
Jason and Jacqueline @InfusionRemax

Connect with this amazing duo on twitter @InfusionRemax or Instagram @elegantjacqueline

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