Intellectual Fluffer

Last night, I went out to breakfast after work with some regular fixtures from the strip club. It was interesting, but I do not know if I will do it again. This is something we all used to do every weekend, but as times have changed so have we. Now the younger dancers have no clue that it is normal to go out to breakfast on a weekend after working at the bar. They are so focused on cash in hand that they do not want to invest their time and efforts into getting to know customers as people, not just dollar signs. Well, they maybe correct in their thinking. This is why I like sugar, I get valued for my mind and heart, rather then being taken advantage of for it!

Working for free is never fun. After years in the strip club customers value you less, because they are there for variety and excitement. Not years of the same physical body getting naked on stage. So they move on to different bodies, but yet still expect the communication of a friend. I never knew I signed up to work at the strip club to make friends.

I am tired of fluffing, perhaps why I would rather go to the gym and work on my body then write more nowadays. Writing just makes me more”friends” that use my writing against me at the strip club. Whatever happened to just getting to be something pretty to look at.

Why does making friends at the strip club cost money rather then make you more money? Oh yeah because it’s not the best bunch of people we are dealing with!!



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