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I have begun a new adventure/journey and became a ItWorks distributor. After six months of toying with the idea, I finally made the jump. The skinny wraps are what originally got me hooked on ItWorks products. However, the defining gel and fat fighters are what cemented the idea to become a distributor.


The skinny wraps are easy to use and you get very quick results(as little as 45minutes). Also, the results continue to show/manifest for up to three days after wrapping. Everyone is looking for that quick fix for a special occasion/event and/or date. Well, I finally found it. Celebrities even use ItWorks wraps before walking down a red carpet. Never have I been able to access what the stars use so easily. Especially, without a plastic surgeon involved!


ItWorks products are not only for tightening, toning, and reducing the appearance of cellulite. They are also for detoxifying the body, thus clearing up many different ailments. This modern toxic world we live in can do awful things to our bodies! What do you do to stay healthy and detoxify?
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