Monday, after reading the negative comments on my blog and going tanning, I puked my guts out and went to work early in Salem. Nerves get the best of everyone at times, but I had something to prove to myself. After all the drama I just needed to escape into the strip club, escape reality, and have a good night at work.

Learning to ignore other people’s judgements/opinions, both expressed and withheld,  is a very tough part of the journey of life. Yet, it is a constant so it is something that is worth taking the time to practice and master. Every time I walk into a strip club I am sized up and judged, just as most women in the industry.

While researching online I had a light bulb moment. It has been me getting in my own way at work by letting my anxieties and doubts get the best of me. Well, I have faced judgement in person for years at work and now judgements online from strangers who claim to know me after reading parts of my journal. A person can only take so much judgement before it starts to just not matter. No one with goals and dreams has time to focus on the negative. It affects a person’s head space.

Being an entertainer of, any sort, means exuding happiness and confidence. There is no room for the judgement of others in this simplistic complex equation!



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