Kayla Jane Danger-AVN Expo 2015

Interviewing Kayla Jane Danger @KJDangerDoll
Interviewing Kayla Jane Danger @KJDangerDoll

Interviewing Kayla Jane Danger at the AVN Expo was a greatly unexpected opportunity. Walking through the AVN Expo is unavoidably overstimulating. The crowds block and steer you in different directions. However, this worked out and steered Adventures Of The Mayor and I toward Kayla Jane Danger, while she had a rare free moment.

My first impression of Kayla Jane Danger was refreshing. She is a kind-hearted, educated, and funny woman who uses the adult industry to her full advantage. We started interacting by joking about having small breasts and not thinking it was an issue until we worked places that require pasties(Cutting pasties in half is what women in the industry with small breasts often have to do). These funny little experiences unite women in the adult industry. Even after getting breast implants, I still remember how maddening this issue used to be.

Kayla, originally from NY, lives in Las Vegas and owns a porn company along with being an adult actress. Her long list of accomplishments and endeavors is beyond impressive. Including a book available on Amazon(Pleasure Or Pain) and her websites and This beautiful lady is a business woman at heart! She is a perfect example of how a woman can use the adult industry to her advantage.

I am not sure if interviewing Kayla or researching her afterwards was more enjoyable. However, she did have one of the best quotable moments during our interview. Her answer made me realize how brave and powerful this delicate woman is.

Me:  “If you could educate mainstream society about the adult industry, what is the one thing you like them to know?”

Kayla Jane Danger:  “Our sex is safer than your sex, over 80% of the time. So, stop trying to tell us what to do and how to have sex. We are protected, we are careful, and we do a better job of it than you do.”




Kayla Jane Danger @KJDangerDoll
Kayla Jane Danger @KJDangerDoll

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