Las Vegas Vacation/Work Trip Stress

Cabo 2014 Thanksgiving Sunset Playa Grande
Cabo 2014 Thanksgiving Sunset at Playa Grande


Normally, people think traveling and associate it quickly with leisure, relaxing, and sight-seeing. Well in my world, I travel often, but only occasionally take a purely leisure trip. Yes, I love the ability to travel which my career allows. However, I would love to take more leisure trips then work trip this year after so much traveling on my own last year. Yes, perhaps this is an unrealistic expectation and an occupational hazard.

Work in the adult industry has allowed me to see so much of the country and a little of the world. Perhaps, the travel bug I was born with has finally fully emerged and I am afraid to set it aside for fear of missing out on the world. Yet, I have the desire to have a career and a retirement plan. Yes, these are all first world problems and I know they seem very minute to the average American. However, I have given up so much to embody the life I have created. I have given up marriage, children, having a partner in life, unconditional love, and real life for many years to survive in the adult industry(I have to preface that not everyone gives up as much as I did, but the adult industry, stripping, and all the different opportunities and niches took top priority in my life).

After making the jump into stripping and realizing that there was no turning back I wanted to make the most of it as possible with the resources I had being just a small town middle class girl at heart. I had no clue what I had done when I entered the black lights and the strip club. Little did I know I had just entered the adult industry and my world would be forever changed. Not always for the best, but every career has its pros and cons.

Some decisions we make never thinking it may be one of the most impactful decisions in our life.



“Sometimes it’s the smallest decisions that can change your life forever.” ~Keri Russell


P.S. Vegas bound Saturday, wish me luck on acting carefree and having a good time.

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