Make It Special

Since deciding to go to Vegas, I have been working at the strip club quite a bit more than normal. This past weekend was a priceless experience. A rare first time experience, I still keep wondering when these moments will end. When will strip club customers stop surprising me? Perhaps, when the shock wears off so does ones soul.

I was in the champagne room with a man old enough to have children in college. He was kind and well groomed along with quite toasty. He had grabbed my arm as I was walking out of the champagne room and informed me very loudly that he wanted a dance from me. I was just starting my first dance as he threw a hundred dollar bill on the floor near me. “Make it special,” he said roughly. In my mind I was insulted, but I knew he could make my night if I just could tough out his need for power. I just danced like normal, but I was in a take no prisoners mood.

By the end I had him paying me to look in his eyes and talk to him.

It was a special dance, just not the special he expected.


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