Miss Pole Champ USA 2015 Natasha Nova-Hustler Club Las Vegas

@MsNatashaNova & @ZiFiStripClub
@MsNatashaNova & @ZiFiStripClub

After scheduling my interview with DJ Lee at Hustler club here in Las Vegas, I found out Natasha Nova was in town(Miss Pole Champ USA 2015). It is amazing how the adult industry works and how even though we rarely stay in one place very long we still gravitate towards one another. I have communicated with Natasha Nova for almost a year(pre Miss Pole Champ USA) and have never actually met her in person. It is funny how many people within the adult industry we bond with before actually meeting. I have to say the thing that shocked me the most was how tiny she is. Yes, she is stronger than a lot of people, but her pictures do not give her cute petite little frame the credit it deserves. Natasha continues to realize the opportunities that have been presented to her and she grabs onto them wholeheartedly. Seeing her transition to fancy has been quite the adventure to watch. I can only imagine how she feels. However, I do know that she radiates tenacity and gratitude.

Dj, dancer, journalist, pole champ… in the adult industry we do not judge we stick together knowing we are the minority who people love to love and love to hate.




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