Morrison Clark Inn Review



As I lay here in Washington DC at Morrison Clark Inn, originally built in 1864, I am wondering if a shower will even be possible this late morning. Since I checked in on Friday night, there has only been hot water for one shower. For being downtown in the capital city, this is a beautiful building, but the upkeep of the building is beyond sub par. Yesterday morning as I was leaving for the day, there was another guest extremely not happy upon check out due to the AC in his room not working. Even the maid service is sub par. It is Monday morning and our room has yet to be cleaned,  but the maid did wake us up twice this morning and walk in on us sleeping. (Last night I had to go to the front desk to ask to have our room cleaned and they offered to give me linens to change my own bed before finding someone else who actually works here to do so after I refused.

I hope to find resolution to these issues before we leave Washington DC tomorrow. So far, this hotel and it’s other 5 or 6 sister hotels will be on my do not consider list, which is rare and very short. Walking through the inn and around the outside is more than enough to experience its beauty without having to deal with the headaches and fancy price. This is a perfect example of why chain hotels are preferred by many.

Wish me luck!



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