Music And Writing Blend #Whiteakerblockparty


All art seems to blend together when it comes to marketing and promotions, making a career out of a passion. Often I meet others who work in the entertainment industry and/or adult industry to brainstorm exposure ideas. Exposure is the key to any art and artist getting known and maintaining a career in any aspect of the entertainment industry. The simplest ideas are sometimes the amazing missing piece to the puzzle.

Sharing ideas and networking with people is the key to success. However, it can get old and boring always having drinks and dinners for work meetings. So, sometimes it is nice to shake things up and do something new. Last night, while meeting with the owner of Caddy Beats( I decided to be adventurous and he was along for the ride. There are still things I find in Eugene that remind me why I love it so much here .

The Whiteaker Block Party was an amazing experience. I was reminded of how diverse Eugene really is. The hippie culture has never really left here. It is almost like a time warp to before people adapted to corporate slavery, when they still had dreams of freedom rather than defeat.

The houses on the streets that were on the party blocks have had years to set up stages in their front yards with live music. This yearly event is huge for the comunity, obviously some people look forward to this all year. It was a fun little adventure to get a window into their worlds.

Live and let live.


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“Reality must take precedence over public relations, for nature cannot be fooled.”
~Richard P. Feynman


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