My “Thing”/Fetish

“And those who are seen dancing are thought insane by those who can’t hear the music.”


Never did I realize what my “thing” was until yesterday. After years of finding other people’s “things” for work, I never consciously figured out my own. What a thought, I have my own “thing”! Shocking really that I would not think about this for myself. Of course, I knew what I liked, but I never really put it in words(let alone vocalized it).

So, what is my “thing”? I am a control freak in my real life, so I like to give up control. It is not always possible and has to be with someone I trust. Along with a special connection. It can be amazing just not to be in control once in a while. In my everyday life I am so conscious of every little thing when it comes to control, energy, money, and emotion. It is nice just to lose all that consciousness for just a moment.

Life is made of moments. The more pleasant moments, the more pleasant the life.

But what is pleasant to one, may not be pleasant to another!



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