PANDA Introduction-Meet Zi-Fi

Recently, I was contacted by a board member of PANDA(Professional Adult Nightclub Deejay Association). Honestly, my first thought was why would an association of DJs be interested in what I have to say. DJs and Strippers are not known for getting along, they are known for complaining about each other.

I am a recovering stripper, who unknowingly retired last year when taking a break as I normally did. Stripping no longer made me happy. I had outgrown the strip club industry. Throughout the years of my career, the different clubs, states, and laws I started writing a blog( about my experiences in 2011. The things I witnessed throughout the years were better than any fiction book. Plus, having grown up in a small town, on the west coast, in a conservative family has made the adult industry an adventure that must be documented.

My blog and freelance writing has enabled my ripple effect to go international and has opened so many doors in the adult industry. Almost, two years ago Quest Magazine(@QuestMags) reached out to ask me to write for them because they had found my blog. Strip Club Radio in NYC(@StripClubRadio) also found my blog and has been one of my biggest supporters from the beginning! The people who have reached out after finding my writing have been some of the largest blessings in my career and life. Blogging changed my world, it enabled me the ability to show people I have a mind even though when working as a stripper I was rarely allowed to show it.

This year in my career as a journalist, I have been given a monthly two page layout for my column in Quest Magazine, which is a huge accomplishment. Chris Meggs(@meggs_chris) has been the photographer who has enabled the expansion of my column with his artistic live photos. Also, Enrique Arellano(@EAFLOWS) AKA “The Mayor” and host of the radio show “Adventures Of The Mayor” located in Fort Lauderdale, has given me the opportunity to have a segment on his show:  ZsAreTheFactsWithZiFi. Plus, I still own and write and my monthly column “Strip Club Journals Unbound” is syndicated. Also, freelancing and press releases have enabled me to get mainstream attention this year more than ever before.

My goal of being a successful author is so close I can almost taste it. Trading in my stilettos for pjs and electronics has been quite the change. However, before I entered the adult industry I went to college and then worked at an attorney’s office in corporate america.

Change has been the constant in my life, the adult industry is just another variable.



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