2013 Real Life Emotions

Real life feelings have been the most difficult and different thing for me this past year. There is no sugar to calm me down in my hurt moments. It is a whole new world. And it’s cold in many ways I never expected.

In sugar I am used to coldness and distance but in rl I expect warmth & closeness(not just physically but mentally and emotionally too). Expectations are the root of all disappointments. And as Bob Marley said, “everyone will make you suffer, you just have to find the ones worth suffering for.” Well this leads me to ask what makes someone worth suffering for? I cannot answer this question for everyone.

However, my answer is if I do not get the emotional, mental, & physical connection/closeness I crave and need, than sugar is better than settling for less than I need. There is give and take in the world, sometimes we all compromise our  needs for our wants. And sometimes we sacrifice our wants for our needs.
Defining your own personal emotional, mental, & physical needs are half the battle. Compromise is almost a guaranteed hurdle in meeting your needs.

How do you compromise?


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